Brandi Glanville: Lisa Vanderpump Is Still Ruining My Life!!

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Last week, in a stunning turn of events, Brandi Glanville and Leann Rimes quashed their feud.

But Leann wasn't the only other celeb with whom Brandi had a beef.

And in a new podcast episode, she's making it clear that her feud with Lisa Vanderpump is still going strong.

Brandi Glanville Looking Comfy

Brandi Glanville may be a generally likable person with sympathetic struggles, but she sure knows how to feud.

Leann Rimes was her most famous enemy until the two buried the hatchet. 

But Leann has dragged Gerard Butler and quarreled with Amber Portwood and is always prepared to say exactly what she thinks of someone.

And her feud with Lisa Vanderpump is no new thing.

See, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay had an affair with Brandi's ex, Eddie Cibrian while Brandi and Eddie were still together.

And Brandi believes that Lisa brought that about by deliberately putting Scheana in Eddie's path.

(Though, to be clear, that would still be 100% Eddie's fault)

Brandi Glanville On Hollywood Today Live

So, fresh from making nice with Leann and Eddie for the good of the children (and, honestly, for their own good), Brandi is speaking on her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.

And she shares that she's not really taking it well that Scheana Shay now has her own podcast.

Brandi of course knows that anyone can do a podcast, but at the same time, coming from Scheana, it apparently feels a little invasive.

"Oh, my God. I’m being cheated on again with Scheana."

As if the concept of podcasting itself were stepping out on her with Scheana, we suppose.

Scheana Marie, IG Photo

Earlier this year, Scheana spoke about Brandi.

"She asked me to be on her podcast."

But she was hesitant to agree.

"But out of respect for Lisa, I haven’t accepted that offer yet."

That's ... interesting, since most people would not feel the need to ask the permission of a third party.

Brandi did not take it well. Specifically, she says that she "saw red" when she heard that Scheana would wait for Lisa's blessing.

"Are you kidding?"

Lisa Vanderpump With a Big Glass of Wine

Brandi really does not like getting obstructed in this manner.

"This b--ch is still ruining my life. I’ve been here almost five years."

She means that she has been podcasting for that long.

"This is the one thing that I have that she can’t touch, and now she’s telling me whether I can interview Scheana or not?"

Brandi goes on, continuing to rail against Lisa.

"[Lisa] is very controlling."

But she says that she won't back down.

"I’m not afraid of Lisa, obviously, but she did try to ruin my life for the past four years."

Again, she feels like podcasting is her territory.

"And then having her just in this world, I was like: ‘Hell, no.'"

LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville Selfie

So that's its own mess.

But at least Brandi is no longer feuding with Leann Rimes.

And she even made it official, tweeting:

"The three of us sat and talked for hours hashed everything out and the feud with @leannrimes Eddie and I is over! They will not be getting rid of me on any holidays #modernfamily"

That is such wonderful news!

For the adults and also for the children.

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