Blac Chyna: Mom-Shamed for THIS Photo of Dream Kardashian!

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Just weeks after Blac Chyna's Six Flags throw-down in which she famously hurled Dream's (unoccupied!) stroller in fury, Chyna is stirring up controversy again.

This time, she's being mom-shamed over a photo of Dream Kardashian.

And the backlash was apparently enough that Chyna deleted the photo -- but don't worry, you can still see it, below.

Blac Chyna in Costume

Chyna had turned off comments for a while, in the wake of losing her stroller endorsement deal and the Six Flags fight.

She turned them back on, and probably expected the usual nasty comments.

Recently, because her boyfriend is so young, some particularly vile trolls have taken to calling her a "pedophile" in the comments under any given photo.

Her boyfriend, VBN Almighty Jay, is 18 and an adult, so it's hard to see why these people are targeting Chyna with this rhetoric. Words mean things.

Chyna expects to get hate, though.

But she cannot have expected to be mom-shamed over this precious, innocent photo.

Dream Kardashian in Pink Hair Extensions

Dream is so cute!

Blac Chyna agrees, captioning this now-deleted photo:

"My beautiful baby girl."

Despite how precious Dream looks with these pink extensions, people decided to flood her comments with negativity and mom-shaming.

Some wonder if it's because they have so recently seen Chyna at her worst.

Blac Chyna Stroller Attack

Critics took to Chyna's comments.

"She’s not a toy."

Blac Chyna knows that Dream is not a toy, but ... lots of parents make their babies look cute, folks.

"It’s not necessary and it’s a baby. Not a doll to play to play with."

It's not necessary but it's also entirely undoable. It's like a hairclip. Do these people not understand hair extensions?

"Why the pink weave tho?"

Probably because it's cute? Maybe Dream wanted it. We don't know.

Dream Kardashian is Adorable

Chyna also had her defenders, and one comment was so on-point that it very effectively shuts down the backlash.

"Adults on here being haters," it begins.

It's always odd to see a group of strangers get so riled up by something so harmless.

The comment continues:

"The extensions are clip on."

So it's not like there's any potentially painful weaving when the hair is applied or taken out.

"She’s beautiful."

Dream sure is. Always.

Dream Kardashian and King Cairo on a Stroller

Life & Style has a report from an insider on what Chyna thinks of the mom-shaming.

"Chyna doesn’t care what anybody thinks about how she styles Dream's hair."

She deleted the photo anyway, which is curious.

"It was cute. Adorable, and Dream loved it."

Getting to wear long hair and "look like mommy" sounds like a lot of fun for a baby.

"Chyna’s a great mother and would never do anything to hurt Dream or her gorgeous head of hair."

Blac Chyna Crying Hard

The insider continues.

"That said, if people really want to bash someone she thinks they should bash Rob and his family."

This is getting into contentious territory.

"Rob’s not exactly father of the year and he’s more of a baby than Dream. Kris does everything for him except change his diaper."


"Chyna’s a far better mother than anyone in that family and she’s appalled people are trying to talk s--t about her instead of them."

Or maybe we should save the parent-shaming for the people who are actually bad parents, when we're sure that they're bad parents.

Just a thought.

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