Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk: How Long Will They Last?

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We want to do it quickly!

So Luyendyk told People Magazine this week about his impending wedding to Lauren Burnham.

The disgraced Bachelor explained to the publication that he and his second-and-then-first choice for a wife have been planning their big day for months and that it will definitely happen this year.

Arie and Lauren... Together!

But will it, though?

Will it really?!?

Fans around the globe are wondering whether Arie and Lauren will truly make it down the aisle, partly due to the roundabout way in which they got together:

First, Arie dumped Lauren for Becca Kufrin.

Then, he proposed to Becca.

Then, he called Lauren around New Year's, told her he still had feelings for her and learned she was still interested in him.

Then, he gathered with an ABC camera crew and told Becca that he wanted to have a romantic weekend with her in Los Angeles.

Then, he dumped her.

Then, he proposed to Lauren on last night's After the Rose special.

And...that brings us to today!

Arie and Lauren in Paris

Arie and Lauren are well aware that they are plenty of doubters out there, as well as plenty of haters.

"We don’t really care what anyone else has to say," Burnham tells People of her critics, but we can't imagine she really means this.

And whatever, the point right now is not whether Lauren and Arie are concerned about the opinions of others... the point is whether others are correct.

Kelly Ripa, for example, responded to someone on Twitter last night who predicted that Arie and Lauren will last for 100 days as a couple.

"You're being generous," the talk show host joked in response.


Yet we somehow don't think she was joking.

No matter how in love Bachelor-based couples look on television, the following fact remains:

Only one of 22 Bachelors has actually married the woman to whom he proposed on the show.

Granted, Arie did not technically propose to Lauren on the show itself.

He proposed on the after-show -- but does this really give anyone comfort? Does it really make anyone think there's a very long-term future for the couple?

Arie's Second Proposal

Both Arie and Lauren are saying all the right things, too.

“Love is not always perfect,” Arie tells People, getting all profound and adding:

“Everyone finds each other in a different way. It’s not always a fairy tale, but as long as Lauren and I have each other, we’re happy.”

Burnham, meanwhile, claims the way Arie selected Becca and then her is actually a positive sign:

"It gives me confidence in our relationship knowing that he truly wants to be with me and he took this huge risk to make it happen."

Yes, sure. This absolutely may prove to be prescient.

Or Arie and Lauren may have broken up by the time you read this.

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