Kendra Wilkinson: I Will Always Love Hank, But...

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With her marriage teetering on the verge of non-existence, Kendra Wilkinson has once again taken to social media in order to vent, rant and sort of rave.

Except the subject of said raving is...

... estranged husband Hank Baskett?!?

Kendra, Hank, Kids

As previously reported, Kendra and Hank are in a dark place.

Multiple outlets have alleged their relationship is basically over and that the ex-centerfold is ready to file for divorce.

What, specifically, has driven the stars apart?

Sources go back to 2014 and the hand job Baskett has admitted to receiving from a transgender model named Ava London.

These sources say the couple has never really recovered from Hank's infidelity and that Wilkinson has "lost trust in her marriage," according to People Magazine.

But that doesn't mean Kendra no longer loves Hank, as she told a follower on Twitter last night.

In response to a question about whether she's happy with her husband, Wilkinson replied as follows:

"I will always love Hank. Always."

loving hank

It's worth noting that this is likely very true, but it's also an example of Kendra clearly not being content in her relationship.

Notice that she did NOT say she is "happy" with Hank, just that she will always have love for him.

Kendra went on to say an awful lot via her Twitter account on Thursday evening, some of it abstract and vague, some of it clearly addressing the problems in her marriage.

"The universe doesn’t stop for you," she wrote at one point, waxing philosophical and adding:

"Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. At the end if all u have is faith ,love and positive outlook then it’s a good day."

universe tweet

At another point, she Kendra was far less vague and far more direct.

"I can’t stand marital advice. Lol," she Tweeted, acknowledging that she's been receiving plenty in the wake of recent reports and then joking:

"The @DalaiLama is the only one who can give me any type to real shit advice. Lmaoooooo."

dali l

There was also this:

"If you’re choosing to be happy every second then you’re masking some pretty heavy shit. Happiness does live in pain and tears but u can’t live there. Gotta be patient n giving n loving through ups n downs."

So maybe there is hope after all for the marriage?

It's really hard to say right now, but Wilkinson previously went on a long diatribe about her state of mind, one that we interpreted as a sign that a divorce was imminent.

See what we mean below:

As for where Hank stands in all of this drama?

He has not spoken out directly, but an insider tells Radar Online that "the kids are the only reason that Hank stuck around for this long" in the first place.

His son and his daughter are the only reason he has even been putting up with Kendra's "bullshit," this source states.

Both Baskett and Wilkinson are determined to co-parent in a healthy and stable manner, no matter what happens.

Just probably not as husband and wife.

"Now that his kids are a bit older, Hank realizes that he does not need to be with Kendra in order to be a good father and a good role model to them,” Radar writes, concluding:

“Neither one of them are happy right now, and the kids know this."

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