Kailyn Lowry Bashes Chris Lopez: You're Not a Real Parent!

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Kailyn Lowry is obviously done putting up with Chris Lopez's BS.

Lowry and Lopez welcomed a son together back last year, and at first, it looked as though Chris would step up and fulfill his fatherly duties.

Kailyn Lowry and Lux at the Beach

While he was nowhere to be seen throughout the pregnancy, Lopez made a surprise appearance in the delivery room and even drove Kailyn and baby Lux home once they left the hospital.

Despite frequent rumors that Lopez wanted nothing to do with his son, Kail remained hopeful that he would experience a change of heart once the baby arrived.

And she was right ... for a while.

Unfortunately, it seems that Chris' flood of fatherly feelings was short-lived.

According to Kailyn, Lopez is a deadbeat dad these days and has little to do with the life of his infant son.

Chris Lopez With Baby Lux

But as you can see, that doesn't stop him from posturing on Instagram.

Lopez posted the above photo of himself with Lux earlier this week.

So, it seems he does spend some time with the boy - but according to Kail, it's not nearly enough.

“Don’t be an Instagram parent," Lowry tweeted in response to Lopez's pic.

Not surprisingly, Chris took issue with her comment, and he immediately fired back:

Kailyn Lowry and Baby Lux at the Beach

“Buuuut a person who literally made a living off of putting their kids on tv and social media but hey who am I to talk," he replied.

“Honestly not worth my time lol,” he continued, later adding:

“I might have to violate someone today."

Needless to say, Lopez-Lowry relations aren't exactly going smoothly these days.

And sadly, poor Lux is caught in the middle.

Chris Lopez, Son

Obviously, at this point, Kail has proven herself a committed parent, so we're inclined to side with her in a dispute like this one.

Still, hammering her baby's father for the benefit of her millions of social media followers isn't a great look.

Worse, all of this is now a matter of public record.

Even if Kail deletes the tweet, she's famous to the point that - once they're old enough - her kids will likely have no trouble finding an archive of everything she said online.

And that'll likely lead to lots of awkward conversations about their fathers.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from the tumultuous love life of Ms. Lowry.

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