Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt: Were They CAUGHT KISSING?!

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Ever since the world learned that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have called it quits, fans of the actress have been eagerly awaiting news of Jen reconciling with her most famous ex.

Yes, certain corners of social media are downright obsessed with the idea of Aniston getting back together with Brad Pitt.

Brad and Jen Kissing!

And as you can see, the tabloid media has been giving those folks a lot to get excited about.

The question remains, of course - is there any real basis for these reports, or is this an instance of the press giving the people what they want.

Unfortunately for all you Brad and Jen 'shippers, it looks as though the latter is the case.

According to the new issue of Star magazine, Aniston and Pitt have “secretly rekindled their relationship with a little help from a famous friend."

That friend is reported to be none other than George Clooney, because writing for Star magazine basically just means selling your celebrity fan fiction to a gullible public as actual news.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston... Together!

The magazine contends that Brad and Jen have been “secretly getting together for late-night hookups, and it’s all because of George.”

A source tells Star that after Jen and Justin called it quits, Clooney “encouraged Brad to reach out and give their relationship another chance.”

And apparently, George didn't stop there.

An insider claims Clooney “engineered the exes’ first undercover rendezvous on March 3,” during a “private pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills.” 

Makes perfect sense.

Jennifer Aniston in a Dress

Obviously, a 54-year-old who heads up a multi-pronged billion-dollar business empire and who recently became a father would have nothing better to do with his time then orchestrate a wacky rom-com caper for his buddy.

So why aren't Brad and Jen shouting the news of their reunion from a rooftop?

Don't worry, Star has that base covered, too. 

“Jen wants to keep the reunion under the radar,” a source tells the mag.

“The last thing she wants is even more scrutiny.”

We assume they'll continue to keep things under wraps until it becomes evident that Aniston is pregnant with Pitt's baby.

And of course, Star magazine will be the first to report a baby bump sighting.

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