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If you know anything at all about the Duggars, then you’re probably aware that the family has some … interesting views on sex and procreation.

You might think a couple that sired an astonishing 19 chlidren would be 100 percent pro-intercourse.

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But that’s actually quite far from the case.

Prior to marriage, Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are required to follow the strict Duggar courtship rules.

That means dating is allowed only in the presence of a chaperone; hand-holding is limited to a period of 15 seconds or less, and "front-hugging" is forbidden, as it may clothed genitals into perilously close proximity.

("Side-hugs" – in which the participants basically just put their arms around each other’s shoulders and give a quick squeeze – is still allowed.)

Needless to say, kissing and actual sex are very much forbidden.

UPDATE, ROUND 2: So Much Baby News!

But once the rings are on the fingers and the vows have been exchanged, it’s a very different story.

From that point forward, the Duggar offspring and their spouses are encouraged to rub their bits together until they chafe.

Of course, even within the confines of a loving marriage, there are rules.

The Duggars do not believe in birth control, which means you can look at how many kids each of them has made and get a rough idea of how many times they’ve had sex in their lives.

We kid, of course, but the super-strict guidelines placed on the Duggars genitals do raise a lot of questions.

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And it seems the query that’s foremost on the minds of many viewers this week is: do the Duggars ever have sex just for fun?

"So do these guys never enjoy sex for the joy of it?" one fan asked in a Reddit forum devoted to the family.

"Or is it simply to have kids. Or get to know each other and get into their groove without babies straight away? I mean I LOVED spending three years married without a baby straight away, we traveled had fun before baby came along," the user continued.

"Do the girls ever want to do something else besides have babies? Like get out of their small town see the world meet new people but on their own without the controlling parents or husbands? Just curious is all."

"I don’t think these kids are allowed to have wants outside of what they have been brainwashed to want," another user replied.

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"I know they seem to like this life. I guess when you don’t know anything else you just accept it," a third remarked.

"But even the Amish give their kids the choice. It’s nice to live in a bubble but I often wonder if any of the girls long for adventure and independence at least for a little while."

Interestingly, all of this speculation comes on the heels of the revelation that Joy-Anna Duggar considered her parents to be too strict during her upbringing.

So it seems that not all Duggar children simply accept their lot blindly.

Of course, it still appears doubtful that any of them will ever make their displeasure known publicly.

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