Jim Bob Duggar: Michelle Used to Use Birth Control!

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When you see a family as rooted in in their old-fashioned ways as the Duggars, it's natural to think that they've been that way since time immemorial.

Even Jim Bob and Michelle have some surprises in their past, however.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: NOT Divorced!

Hardcore Duggar obsessives might be unaware - and more than a little taken aback, to boot - of a revelation Jim Bob recently shared.

The couple, now married three-plus decades, weren't quite as obscenely strict about sexuality and gender roles in the early years of their union. 

As we told you earlier, Jim Bob wrote an open letter to Michelle on his family's official blog over the weekend in honor of her birthday.

In addition to the fact that he conspicuously avoided mentioning Josh by name while talking about his children, Jim Bob dug deeper.

Revealing that he and Michelle took a much more liberal (by Duggar standards) approach to their relationship when they were in their 20s, he contradicted what is now one of the family's most well-known tenets.

He goes on to explain why, admittedly.

Surprisingly, the famously fertile couple used birth control - which is a huge no-no in Duggarland nowadays - on more than one occasion.

Of course, to the surprise of absolutely no one, JB turned his confession into a cautionary tale about how birth control kills!!! or some such nonsense.

Jim Bob writes:

"Believe it or not, when we first got married we decided we did not want to have children right away, so Michelle began taking birth control pills."

"Three years into our marriage Michelle went off the pill and we had our first child."

"Then she went back on the pill, because we heard it was better to space your children out."

However, "Michelle got pregnant while she was on the pill, and the pill caused her to miscarry," he says, and it changed their approach.

"We talked to a Christian doctor and he explained that the pill could be abortive. 

"Three years into our marriage Michelle went off the pill and we had our first child."

He added "...whose name is totally not important right now, so let's just move on."

Okay, we might have made that last part up.

Jim Bob credits his 32-years of wedded bliss to the big guy in the sky of course, but also, weirdly, to the fact that he and Michelle unplug.

Yes, they have often gone long periods of time without owning a TV.

Makes their primary source of income a tad ironic, no?

Anyway, Jim Bob closes the whole thing out exactly like you would expect him to - with a promise of hundreds more Duggars to come!

"I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you and with our 6, going on 200 grandkids and counting," he wrote.

Does that sound like a threat to anyone else?

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