The Little Couple: When Will They Return to TV?

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The Little Couple is one of several reality series that follow the lives of little people, showing the viewers at home that little people are so much more than jesters and background actors and comedic relief.

But when will Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein and their precious children return from this lengthy hiatus?

There's good news on that front, folks.

The Little Couple (TLC)

Last year, new episodes of The Little Couple premiered in September.

At the time, the reality series was marred by a scandal of sorts -- but one that thankfully (refreshingly, even) did not involve the stars.

The point of contention -- and lawsuit -- was between Discovery Communications and the show's production company, LMNO Productions.

Discovery alleged that LMNO was extorting money out of them by falsifying production costs on The Little Couple in order to pocket more money and cheat profit participants out of their fair shares.

LMNO accused Discovery of engaging in a criminal conspiracy to steal multiple shows that they produce out from under them.

It was shaping up to be a nasty court battle, and left fans and viewers wondering when it would ever end.

Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein for Houston Relief

However, Variety reports that Discovery Communications and LMNO Productions have settled their lawsuit.

"LMNO and Discovery have reached an amicable settlement of the claims between them in the litigation."

it's important to note that LMNO said that their alleged accounting discrepancies were due to the embezzlement by one accountant.

"The settlement resolves all claims and issues that were asserted in the case between LMNO and Discovery to the mutual satisfaction of both parties."

But they're not going to share any details.

"The terms remain confidential, and the parties have agreed to make no further comment regarding the settlement agreement."

We'll always be left to wonder what went down, it seems.

Dr. Jen Arnold, Kids

So ... where does this leave The Little Couple?

It looks like they're back in business.

In fact, with their legal troubles behind them, it seems likely that The Little Couple -- the titular couple and their adorable adopted children -- will be back on the air before you know it.

Perhaps even within the next few months.

After all, even while the show was on hiatus, their lives continued.

The Little Couple Picture

Last year, Jen and Bill moved to Florida.

Dr. Jen Arnold is a neonatologist. For a long time, the couple lived in Houston, Texas -- and of course they added their voices to the call for hurricane relief in the devastating wake of last year's storms.

Now that they're in Florida, fans and viewers will likely get to see the two of them raising their children.

Will is 7 years old. Zoey is 5 years old.

Both of them are adopted and both of them are also little people, and we're not just saying that because they're children.

Some "fans" have made terrible comments under a couple of photos of Zoey, implying that she hates the move to Florida or that she has "emotional issues" because she doesn't always smile in pictures.

(For the record, she smiles plenty)

There are some folks among every group of fans who seem prepared to ruin it all for everyone.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein

All things considered, adjusting to life in Florida won't be a major hurdle for this family.

Several years ago, Dr. Jen found that she had a rare form of cancer and had to endure chemotherapy treatments.

She did, however, go into remission.

Fans are eager to see the family continue its journey and tell their story on their television screens, and Jen has confirmed over social media that they've been filming.

When an actual premiere date has been announced, we'll let you know.

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