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Covering up a murder is no easy task, and the Coopers found that out the hard way on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13

We picked up with Alice cleaning up the crime scene, and we learned that Chic was the one who carried out the killing. 

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Betty sprung into action and helped her mother with the great clean-up operation. They had to rush the whole thing because Hal was coming over to collect toiletries. 

How convenient. Couldn’t he wait until after they got rid of the body? The hilarious thing about all of the drama was that Hal never thought to use his own set of keys to enter the house. 

Hal knew there was something amiss with his wife and daughter, so he turned to the town harlot, Penelope Blossom, to tell her he thought something was going on. 

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Yes, Hal and Penelope are getting between the sheets, and Cheryl is mad. As if her family needs any more embarrassment, right?

But for Penelope, Hal was not just one of her clients. Their relationship had some meaning, but things are going to get crazy when Alice inevitably learns the truth. 

Betty is sworn to secrecy about it for now because she wants to keep Chick safe. Something tells us there will come a day that Betty tells Chic to get out of dodge. 

That kid is trouble, and Betty figured that out when she found out he had been buying drugs from the deceased man. When it rains, it pours, and things were not going well covering up the murder. 

Jughead and Betty
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Thankfully, FP helped out and buried the drug dealer in a manner that would destroy every fiber of his being. FP then putting his hand on Alice made it seem like there could be a relationship on the cards for them. 

That would be rather odd when you consider the fact that Betty and Jughead are a thing. That’s not stopped anybody in Riverdale before, so maybe it would fly. 

Elsewhere, Archie continued to get in too deep with Agent Adams. The detective stepped up the heat and told Archie to plant a bug in Hiram’s office because he was not getting the results he needed. 

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Then, the detective hounded Fred to find out why he had been employing men on the construction site and paying cash in hand. This was enough to push Archie to reach out to Hiram. 

Hiram claimed that he would get a call in 24 hours and that everything would be fine. Archie was then whisked away to the middle of nowhere to meet "the boss."

That turned out to be Hermione who revealed that Agent Adams was only there to ensure Archie was loyal to the family, so she officially welcomed the red-headed teen into the most corrupt family in town. 

Archie and Veronica on Riverdale
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Finally, Mayor McCoy resigned after a disagreement with the Lodges about when to announce the sale of Southside High. Jughead’s exposé was a catalyst for all of it. 

The lodges are ruling Riverdale, and nobody can stop them at this stage. 

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