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Keshia Knight Pulliam may have left the Big Brother house on Monday night, but we got more insight than ever before into her big decision to get the house to send her packing. 

We flashed back to the hours leading up to the eviction, and Keshia revealed all to her alliance about the depleted breast milk. It was the first time we have ever witnessed an expression on Brandi Glanville’s face. 

Ross Matthews, Shannon Elizabeth
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She was annoyed because this was supposed to be the time to send Shannon Elizabeth out in a backdoor eviction. Brandi ran her mouth like she was still on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, before ultimately making peace with the decision. 

Before the HOH competition got underway, Brandi chatted about the way she spoke to Keshia and said she knew that they would be friends when they reunited on the outside. 

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Brandi. This is a game, and it should not be made personal. Brandi has been catty all season long and has wanted to get Shannon out for no apparent reason. 

Brandi Cleavage
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Shannon seemed confused about why Keshia was trying to blow her game up during her eviction speech. Those who thought Shannon Elizabeth was a great player should probably exit stage left. 

During the HOH competition, Shannon took an early lead, and everyone aside from James looked annoyed. As soon as Ariadna emerged victoriously from the competition, everyone was a little too excited for her. 

That did not do much to make Shannon’s paranoia disappear. She knew there was some backstab in the works, and that’s why she tried to speak to her supposed allies about what was coming. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses
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However, her allies made sure Ariadna was never alone without either Omarosa or Metta, and that made it difficult for Shannon to get an answer. 

Before the nominations ceremony, the penny dropped for Shannon that she would never find a role as big as the one she had in American Pie. We’re totally kidding about that last part. 

Shannon figured it all out and said some words right before Ariadna confirmed who was on the block. Brandi countered that Shannon was cutting deals with the others. 

Ariadna Gutierrez Poses
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Shannon balked at this idea and was subsequently put on the block next to James. It looks like Shannon’s time in the Big Brother house is coming to a dramatic close!

In any case, it looks like the producers are trying to give Shannon another chance. The reason? A game-changing vote is coming our way in the next few days. 

Wouldn’t it be great if it affected the next eviction? What if the viewers could vote instead of the house?

Shannon Elizabeth Smiles
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That would shake things up and give Shannon a fighting chance. 

What do you think about all of this?

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