Brynn Cameron: Is She About to Break Up Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin?

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Kendall Jenner did not have a very happy Valentine's Day.

Instead of receiving chocolates and flowers from boyfriend Blake Griffin, the 22-year old model received some unfortunate news via the Internet:

Griffin is being sued.

Kendall Jenner is in Milan

The NBA All-Star's two-time baby mama and former fiancee, Brynn Cameron, filed a palimony lawsuit against her ex on Wednesday.

In extreme detail, Cameron argued that Griffin abandoned her and the two kids he shares with her in favor of Jenner, claiming that Blake made various promises over the years about how he'd always support her.

Cameron, who dated Griffin for eight years, says she gave up her own career specifically to assist Griffin with his...

... only for the power forward to break his many "promises" because he cares "more about glamour of dating a Hollywood celebrity than the day-to-day responsibilities of being a father and family man."

Ouch, huh?

Cameron is seeking an unspecified amount of money from Griffin on a regular basis in this lawsuit.

Blake Griffin on Detroit

If she's also seeking to stir up tension between Jenner and Griffin, then she has most definitely succeeded on that front.

According to Hollywood Life sources, Kendall is mighty peeved about these legal documents.

“This is a major surprise for Kendall," the source says, adding of the suit:

"She doesn’t want to be a part of anyone’s baggage and she feels that this lawsuit is exactly that.

"Kendall doesn’t have any relationship or friendship or anything with Brynn and she wants her name out of any of Brynn’s issues or problems.

"She is a little pissed that she is in the news for this, she thinks it is very petty."

It sounds here like she's mostly pissed at Cameron, but we'd have to imagine she isn't very happy with Griffin, either.

Kendall Jenner at the MET

Recent reports have suggested that Blake may have misled Kendall about his relationship status when the stars first met.

He may have still sort of been with Cameron when he started dating Jenner, which places Kendall right smack dab in the middle of a controversy she wants to avoid.

Unlike her sisters, Kendall rarely yearns to be in the spotlight.

She doesn't thrive on scandal.

And yet Cameron is clearly attempting to stir up some $hit here. Just consider...

"Brynn wanted to make a statement and to sue Blake on a day that is meant for love," this same source explains of why she filed the lawsuit on Valentine's Day.

"She wanted it to him hard and she wanted to show him she is very serious in her claims.

"It was all very calculated and it was clearly and purposely planned to go down like this and she can’t wait to have her day in court to get what she believes is rightfully hers."

This is a woman on a bitter mission, folks.

Blake Griffin in Action

Jenner, conversely, mostly just wants to be a professional model, to travel the world and to live life in relative peace.

There was talk a few weeks ago that she and Griffin were at odds over Cameron - and that was before this latest legal step was taken.

“Griffin himself knows very well what breaching promises is all about,” the filing states, adding:

“After all, Griffin had no problem trading Brynn Cameron, his former fiancee, and the mother of his 2 children, for reality television star Kendall Jenner.”


We don't know where this lawsuit will go

But we do have a pretty strong feeling where Jenner and Griffin will go... and it ain't gonna be to the altar.

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