Audrey Roloff Extends Peace Offering to Jacob Roloff... But Does He Accept?

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According to a new report, Audrey Roloff recently took a break from sending messages about marriage, family and God to do something else on social media:

Reach out to her brother-in-law.

Audrey Roloff Looks Cute

About two months ago, rumors first surfaced that Audrey and Jacob Roloff did not exactly see eye-to-eye.

Or nose-to-nose. Or ear-to-ear. Or really any body part to any body part.

What we're saying and what we've alleged in the past is this: Audrey and Jacob just don't get along.

What led certain outlets to make this claim?

The main evidence centers around Instagram and two facts surrounding this popular platform:

ONE, the public realized that Audrey and Jeremy don't actually follow each other's accounts.

TWO, nary a photo exists that features both Audrey and Jacob in the same place, which may be telling considering how frequently all other family members appear to hang out.

As for why these reality star may not be on the best of terms?

Jacob Roloff and Isabel

Audrey is very into God and Christianity, while Jacob, to put it simply, is not.

He's openly agnostic.

Moreover, Audrey has been accused of being a tad bit fake and manipulative, often sharing personal notes about her family and faith... while simultaneously shilling for various products.

And anyone who has kept close track of Jacob over the last two years or so is well aware that he hates nothing more than phoniness.

Heck, Jacob quit Little People, Big World in the summer of 2016 specifically because he couldn't handle how scripted and fake his family's reality show had become.

So anyway. This brings us all back to Audrey and Jacob's rumored feud.

A source tells Radar Online that the former has tried to put an end to it over the last few weeks by Liking nearly all of Jacob's Instagram pictures.

She's reached out on social media, this insider says, but Jacob is yet to return the favor.

Audrey Roloff Poses on Instagram

He still does not follow Audrey's page, despite following every other relative, including his other sister-in-law, Tori, who married brother Zach back in 2015.

But while Audrey may have subtly tried to extend a peace offering to Jacob, she has not yet congratulated him on his December engagement to Isabel Rock.

At least not in public.

Therefore, the jury remains out on this feud.

All it would really take is one photo of Audrey and Jacob together to put an end to this chatter, but until the Internet sees one, it will continue to wonder, speculate and ask questions

That's just how the Internet rolls.

Only you two can put an end to it, Auds and Jacob.

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