90 Day Fiance Star David Toborowsky: My Son Was Shot in the Face

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90 Day Fiance star David Toborowsky married Annie, even though she's twice his age and his ... well, he didn't exactly win over a lot of viewers.

But while David is dismissed as a "deadbeat" by his daughter, it looks like he has a better relationship with his son, Jacob, who is 18 years old.

Jacob Toborowsky is currently recovering from a gunshot wound to the face, and David is thanking fans for their prayers as his son struggles with recovery and complications.

David and Annie of 90 Day Fiance

Guns are scary, folks.

David took to Facebook a few weeks ago to share the unfortunate news with his followers:

"On behalf of my family we wanted to thank each and everyone of you for the thoughts and prayers that have been sent and said for Jacob Toborowsky."

Jacob is, of course, his son. He spelled out his name so awkwardly so that he could tag him in it.

The shooting, which is said to have been accidental but is nonetheless serious, took place on January 28th.

"He was shot in the face by a so called friend in a senseless stupid act. We will continue to monitor the situation on a legal front to ensure that justice prevails."

We have an update on that, as well.

Jacob Toborowsky

His son is alive, but undergoing medical treatment. Because he was shot. In the face.

"Jacob went to Texas today to continue his recovery and possible surgeries. I will update as I can."

He thanks everyone for their support, prayers, and well wishes.

"Again, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for the prayers and ask for continued prayers as he has a long road ahead of him."

And, of course, there are updates.

Jacob Toborowsky Picture

"I wanted to give an update on my son Jacob," David writes in a separate post.

"He had surgery yesterday down in Houston. The damage to the muscles in his face are more severe than 1st thought."

Complications can be absolutely brutal.

"The main part of the bullet was removed."

This was not a Dick Cheney situation -- the gunshot came from a handgun.

"Please keep him in your prayers as the road he has is going to be long and hard. Thank you all again for the prayers, messages and thoughts."

And, in case anyone was worried about the photos of Jacob that David posted, David went ahead and posted a disclaimer.

"I am posting these pics with his permission."

Jacob Toborowsky Photo

Jacob's mother, David's ex, has also spoken up:

"He has to have surgery tomorrow to have a drain put in."

A very necessary drain.

"He is accumulating fluid in the wound from the gland that was impacted from the bullet."

And until the fluid build-up can be addressed, Jacob won't be able to recover.

"His wound cannot heal with all the drainage."

But his recovery will take more than healing some tissue, unfortunately.

"Then OT and speech therapy will begin as well. He will have to put bite blocks in his mouth to start trying to get it open."

OT means occupational therapy. There's much more to recovery than waiting for the swelling to go down, folks.

"I think I am still in shock from all of this."

Jacob Toborowsky Image

Speaking to RadarOnline, David Toborowsky gives further details on Jacob's condition.

"Jacob had his surgery on Thursday to remove the bullet."

That, of course, is only a small piece of the surgical puzzle.

"A significant amount of tissue was damaged. He will never be able to fully open his mouth all the way."


"A lot of scar tissue had to be cleaned to remove the bullet. There is a lot of deep-tissue scarring."

He shares what his ex had also revealed.

"He's going back into surgery on Tuesday. They need to put a drain in for the gland to heal. He was in a lot of pain this weekend. It's worse than we thought."

David and Annie on the Plane

David has also shared what's happening in Kentucky, on the legal end of things.

"The Commonwealth of Kentucky charged the other kid with 1st degree assault and will go before the grand jury next month."

Accidental or not, a teenager should know better than to, you know, shoot their friend in the face.

It's easy -- the vast majority of people spend their entire teen years not shooting people. 

Real actions should have real consequences, right? Jacob is certainly facing consequences for the gunshot.

And Jacob will have to live with the aftermath for the rest of his life.

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