Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 3 Recap: I Will Survive

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Another episode of Sister Wives can only mean one thing: More drama for the Brown family. 

When Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 3 got underway, Madison and Caleb had a shock announcement for their loved ones. 

The duo was in town with the family under the impression that they were there to celebrate Madison turning twenty-one. 

While they wanted the whole family there, Meri was still out of town trying to make her dream of having a bed and breakfast a reality. 

Back to the exciting news. Madison confirmed she was expecting a child with Caleb, and everyone seemed happy!

Madison called Meri to let her know the news, and while she was glad, she was too busy to allow the information soak in. 

She was crafting a life for herself outside of the family, but her loved ones remained skeptical about all of it. Meri has been through it all during her time on the series. 

Meri Brown Poses With a Chair

She deserves happiness, and it's clear she is not getting what she needs by staying close to the family. She has aspirations and wants to make sure her life is fulfilled. 

The reservations from her family are warranted, however. Utah was the state that ousted the family all those years ago. That's likely why some of the family members feel less than welcome there. 

As you will probably know if you watch Sister Wives online, the state went guns blazing for the family and even threatened to charge them for their polygamous lifestyle. 

There were lengthy legal battles as the family vowed to clear its name. They did not want to be seen as criminals, and they felt the state was criminalizing them. 

Christine Brown Sings

While the others were on the fence about the potential of moving back there, Christine was profoundly against it. But Christine was in a world of her own. She knew they were going back at one point, but felt like it was best to keep quiet about it. 

She had moved on and was not interested in having her life scrutinized any longer. She had a point. 

Elsewhere, Janelle was getting scared about the prospect of performing at Mykelti's wedding shower. It was only a lip-sync, but it was still a difficult thing to do for someone who is nervous. 

Janelle was worried that if she bailed, Mykelti would be mad because it would look like she did not approve of her getting married so young, and that was far from the case. 

Kody Brown Shows Off His Chair

While Janelle was fretting, nobody seemed to question whether Meri would be able to participate. It's not like she's been hanging around of late. Meri countered that she wanted something that meant they would mirror one another. 

Christine was against this because she wanted every wife to get their own unique take on things. Yeah, that's not going to go well. 

Aspyn stepped in as the event planner and wasted no time in getting stuff done swiftly. She ran a tight ship, and that could be the saving grace for this event. 

Aspyn was not amused with Christine trying to change things up at the drop of a hat and reiterated that she was the one in control as the event planner. 

Mykelti Brown and Antonio "Tony" Padron

The stars aligned and the bridal shower went off without a hitch. But there was trouble afoot: Toni's entire family bought Mykelti lingerie and that shocked Christine to the core. 

The wives were shocked, but they couldn't say anything because Toni's family had embraced their way of life, so it made sense for them to do the same. 

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Sister Wives continues Sundays on TLC.

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