Naya Rivera: Domestic Battery Charges Dropped!

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It was only last October when Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey's divorce was called off. Things looked bright for the couple.

Fast forward less than two months, and Naya got arrested after allegedly hitting her husband -- in front of their young son, no less.

But it looks like Naya has somehow managed to get out of the domestic battery charges.

Naya Rivera Mug Shot

Naya Rivera was once a celebrated Glee star.

She also wrote a book and spoke up about her experience with having an abortion.

While no medical procedure is anybody's business, it was good that she chose to share her story, because every time that someone speaks up, it helps to ease society's stigma about abortion.

Compared to some of her fellow Glee stars, after Corey Monteith's tragic death and Mark Salling pleading guilty for child porn, she was doing pretty well just living her best life for a while there.

And then she went and got herself arrested.

Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera, in Happier Times

Late last November (it was the wee hours of Saturday night, in fact), news broke that Naya Rivera had been arrested for domestic battery.

Reportedly, she and Ryan Dorsey were out on a walk with their two-year-old son, Josey. Apparently, during an argument about their son, Naya struck her husband more than once.

Enough that police could see signs of the alleged strikes later, which included a busted lip, Ryan declined medical attention.

(Domestic violence is still domestic violence when a woman does it, folks)

Ryan called the police, who arrested and charged Naya before releasing her. She was picked up from the police station by her father-in-law, which sounds awkward as hell.

Naya Rivera Backstage

Though Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera asked for privacy, there were further reports.

Among them, a claim that police believe that Naya was intoxicated when the alleged violence took place.

Additionally, Ryan Dorsey's 911 call described Naya as "out of control."

On its own, that's all very worrisome and inexcusable. The fact that it took place in front of their son makes it even worse.

Suffice it to say that the couple's divorce is back on.

Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey, Cuddle on the Couch

However, TMZ reports that Naya Rivera's domestic battery charge has been dropped.

Prosecutors say that it was Ryan Dorsey who was ultimately unwilling to go through with pressing charges.

We don't know if this was part of a deal for their divorce (over alimony or custody or whatever).

Last month, Ryan and Naya agreed that they would share custody of Josey.

Ryan Dorsey Son Father's Day 2016

This isn't the same as reconciliation, but some are concerned about Naya's allegedly violent behavior. They wonder what happens the next time that she gets "out of control."

It sounded like Big Sean suggested that Naya Rivera's behavior isn't unprecedented.

As always, what's most important is Josey's safety and well-being. We hope that whatever Ryan and Naya work out, it's in Josey's best interests.

But ... it's never a good feeling to see an accused domestic batterer face zero legal consequences for their alleged violence.

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