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Kailyn Lowry was supposed to go under the knife this week.

The Teen Mom 2 star traveled to Miami with the intention of undergoing liposuction and a breast augmentation.

At the last second, however, kail decided not to go through with the procedure.

Kailyn Lowry Smiles

The mother of three revealed all of this in a surprising confession on Twitter earlier today.

"I won’t lie to y’all, I came to Miami for lipo & a boob job. But hours before my surgery I decided I don’t want to go through with it," she tweeted.

Kail didn’t go into detail with regard to why she changed her mind, but she did open up about what she plans to do next.

"When I get home I’ll use the money I was gonna spend on surgery for a nutritionist & get back into working out," she wrote.

Naturally, Kail’s mentions blew up with words of encouragement, some unsolicited advice, and yes … plenty of shade.

(This is social media in 2018, after all.)

Kailyn and Baby Lo

"Put in work girl! Nothing feels better then you knowing you did it on your own with NO surgeries!" wrote one fan.

"Save your money you DON’T Need a nutritionist, you can do that in your own. I lost 66lbs with just changing what I eat," remarked another.

A third expressed doubts that Kail had any real plans to pay for the procedure, pointing out that she appears to have struck a deal with famed plastic surgeon Dr. Miami, the same doc who performed Kailyn’s Brazilian butt lift back in 2015:

"Girl you aren’t fooling anyone. Last night you tweeted for people to watch Dr. Miami tomorrow. You was getting that sh-t for free you’re not saving any money," she tweeted.

We may never know for sure if Kailyn was really planning on paying full price, but we do know her life is even more drama-packed than usual this week.

Kailyn Lowry in a Jean Jacket

Yesterday, we reported that Lowry was throwing shade at Chris Lopez on Twitter, and today, she elaborated on the conflict with her baby daddy in a remarkably candid interview:

“I don’t hear from Chris in weeks… when I do it’s always after I tweet something," she said.

"But if the shoe fits, he can lace that b-tch up.”

Asked what kind of father Lopez has turned out to be, kail replied:

“Chris doesn’t text me or ask about the baby regularly, let alone see him.” 

Sounds like Kail won’t have any shortage of storylines for MTV to choose from next season.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Ms. Lowry’s many ups and downs.