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Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn are both stars in Marvel superhero blockbusters. He plays Star-Lord, she played Psylocke.

But they both have something else in common: they were both famously in break-ups during 2017 after long-term relationships.

And now a report’s come out that Chris and Olivia are dating! Each other!

Chris Pratt Pose
(2016 Getty Images)

Last August, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation

Why? Because 2017 was a nightmare and love is dead, basically.

Like most splits, this one was complex. it doesn’t really sound like there was a "bad guy" in this lovable couple.

Chris Pratt’s success may have been a factor in their breakup. A lot of people jokingly tweeted "this is why I’m never letting my man get hot" after the news broke.

Because Chris and Anna are parents, this isn’t just about them, and they’re undergoing couple’s counseling during their divorce process.

Olivia Munn Shows Some Leg

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers broke up this past spring.

Olivia Munn is an actress, while Aaron Rodgers is a sportsball player. Specifically, of the football variety.

Their relationship — which endured for three years — was controversial with Aaron’s fans, for perhaps the stupidest of reasons.

Some Green Bay Packers fans believed that Olivia Munn somehow siphoned away his strength, through "distraction" or, we guess, sorcery, causing him and his team to perform less adequately.

When Aaron Rodgers finally opened up about their split, he admitted that outside pressure — combined with the stress of dating while famous — did make their relationship harder.

But their break-up was amicable, at least.

Chris Pratt: 2016 MTV Movie Awards
(Christopher Polk)

And now, according to a report in OK! Magazine, Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn are dating.

"It started as a convenient rebound but blossomed into something very real and exciting," their source reports.

That’s sweet!

"Chris and Olivia have a genuine connection.… She and Chris really like each other."

Well, they’ve been friends for a while, so that makes sense. But neither know what the future holds.

"They both want to see where this goes."

Olivia Munn at Film Premiere

According to this report, they initially leaned on one another as friends.

(They always got along well, even as far back as 2016)

However, that friendship blossomed into something else.

The source claims that Anna Faris is furious. But, honestly, even if that’s true, wouldn’t she presumably be furious about anyone he might choose to date?

Reportedly, that’s not giving Olivia Munn any pause.

"Olivia isn’t fazed by what Anna or anyone else thinks."

Good. She’s accustomed to unfair criticism.

Chris Pratt Wins!

Chris Pratt is 38. Olivia Munn is 37. This is super age-appropriate and mature.

Which makes sense. We’ve never seen Chris Pratt as the kind of guy who celebrates (or copes with) being single by banging a bunch of college-aged models.

It’s worth noting that, with Disney’s recent acquisition of tens of billions of dollars worth of FOX properties, whether Olivia Munn gets to continue to be part of the X-Men cinematic universe (following her role as Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse) is up in the air.

While we think that it’s a coincidence — again, she and Chris have been friends for years — some critics are bound to argue that she’s somehow using Chris Pratt in the hopes that their "association" will convince Disney to keep her onboard.

That’s … absurd. People just love to hate Olivia Munn for some reason.