Audrey Roloff: God Wants You to Wait, People!

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Audrey Roloff has found a new topic on which to wax poetic and profound.

The Little People, Big World star - who very often talks openly about her relationship with God online - shared a new photo and a new entry on Instagram last night.

First, the photo:

Audrey Roloff Ponders Life

It sure looks like Audrey is lost in some deep thought here, doesn't it?

And that's because she is.

"Do you ever feel like you’re always waiting for something?" asks Roloff to open the caption that attached to the image above, adding at the outset:

"Waiting for direction, marriage, healing, provision, transformation, clarity, redemption, etc.

"I’ve so often found myself waiting in line, wondering when I will finally get to enjoy the ride.

"I'm part of the instant gratification generation, and waiting for anything these days has become a rarity."

Some Ember Snuggles

We're with her so far.

It's definitely a stigma attached to those who have come of age with social media and technology, the idea that they expect everything to be delivered with the touch of a button.

Continues Roloff, hammering home this theme:

"Waiting for that perfect job instead of just applying for another one, waiting for that promotion when it’s easier to just go somewhere else, waiting for Mr. right when you could just date more Mr. Wrong’s.

"[Also] waiting for healing when you could give up the fight, saving yourself for marriage with you could so easily give in, the list goes on."

Ah yes, saving yourself for marriage.

Buy My Shirts!

A day prior to this entry, Audrey wrote at length about sex before marriage, seemingly taking a shot at brother-in-law Jacob Roloff in the process.

But their relationship (or rivalry) can be a discussion for another time.

In this case, Audrey drew a line between the "waiting" theme and her faith, bringing the topics together as follows:

I love that God describes waiting as BRAVE and COURAGEOUS.

“Wait patiently for the Lord. Be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”(Psalm 27:14) So whatever you're waiting for, don't grow weary or lose heart!

Your patience makes you BOLD and COURAGEOUS!

Christmas with Ember

At the end of her post, Roloff noted that you can read a "little more on waiting over on @legitsadierob blog @liveoriginal," once again drawing some backlash from fans.

The TLC star often brings up her strong belief in God... only to then tie it in with some money-making venture.

In this case, it's safe to assume she was paid by the blog to which she linked, as her popularity on Instagram will help drive traffic to that destination.

Is that ethically wrong? To make money as an entrepreneur, essentially?

To use one's online following to pad one's bank account?

Not really. Not in this day and age.

But what about when you focus your social media entries on God, faith and religion - only to then seemingly be doing so because you want to make money off those who follow your every word on these subjects?

Do we then enter into a morally grey area? Some would say so.

We'll let our readers ponder these difficult question while we present something that requires no pondering whatsoever, just some fun scrolling:

Adorable photos of Audrey's daughter, Ember Jean!

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