Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Slammed For Lavish Spending, Rude Behavior

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Another day, another Duggar controversy.

This one involves the family's least popular couple (with the possible exception of Josh and Anna), Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

Derick has been fired by TLC for making transphobic comments, but the move hasn't affected the Dillards' public profile ... or their spending habits.

Much to the chagrin of critics, the couple continues to live as they did when they were the stars of a successful television series.

This despite the fact that Jill and Derick have been asking for money from fans and appear to be living on handouts these days.

The Counting On cash was divided many different ways, so the Dillards weren't fabulously wealthy, even at the height of the show's success.

But now, as they attempt to feed two children while relying on nothing but charitable donations, it seems Jill and Derick have made no changes in their personal finances.

Jill Duggar Rocks Gold Shoes

For example, over the weekend, Jill was a member of a friend's wedding party.

Like the other bridesmaids, she wore gold shoes, and many fans were quick to point out that the proponent of "modest attire" likely spent a pretty penny on the fancy footwear.

The above photo was posted on Derick's Instagram page, and like everything the former reality star does these days, it attracted a good deal of criticism:

"I'm sorry but if my husband ever bullied any child i dont think i could stand by him," wrote one fan.

"My husband is an Officer and a Military Man he works his ASS off for his family !!! Stop being beggars and people won’t give a damn what type of shoes u wear," commented another.

Jill Duggar Pregnancy

Obviously, criticizing Jill for expensive-looking shoes (that may have not actually been expensive in reality) is a bit nit-picky.

But we suppose when your money comes from fans, fans are allowed to talk a healthy amount of trash in certain situations.

And gilded heels aren't the only questionable decision the Dillards have made in recent weeks.

Sources say Jill and Derick were spotted at the Silver Dollar City amusement park earlier this month, where they acted the part of spoiled, entitled celebrities.

Onlookers claim Derick cut lines, was rude to staff, and even rammed a stroller with his children in it into a crowd of people were standing in his way.

If you ask us, that's not what you'd call godly behavior from a man who's currently working to become a minister.

But don't worry ... something tells us life after reality TV will mighty humbling to Derick once reality sets in.

As always, you can follow the link to watch Counting On online for more from the controversial Dillard clan.

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