Amber Portwood: Slammed For "Inappropriate" Pic of Daughter!

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Amber Portwood has had quite the tumultuous year, and she was probably more than happy to bid 2017 adieu.

But if you expected her to close out a trip around the sun without pissing fans off one more time then you don't know Amber!

Andrew Glennon and Leah Shirley

That's a photo of Amber's new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, hanging out with her 8-year-old daughter, Leah Shirley.

Perhaps it's Glennon's sketchy past, or the fact that he and Amber really haven't been together very long, but for whatever reason, fans were not happy to see the Marriage Boot Camp producer looking so cozy with Leah.

"I like Amber and I said she’s come a long way. But she brings men into her daughter’s life seemingly quickly and to see this girl next to a man she knows less than 8 months I’m going to say. Even under a year,” wrote one commenter.

“It’s not like they’ve been a family for a long time. I just felt uneasy that she’d put and or let her daughter be in the position/situation,” She continued.

Other followers remarked on the fact that Amber hasn't been spending much time with Leah due to a struggle with depression, noting that her emotional issues didn't seem to prevent her from dating.

Amber Portwood With Leah Shirley

"She is too depressed to spend time with Leah but not to go get a new Matt I mean man,” one fan remarked.

“Then she pretty much forces them on Leah. And she was saying what a great guy Matt was last year.”

“Bringing in the New Years right with healthy food lol, ” Amber captioned the photo, which appears to have been taken in her bed. “Happy New Years everyone! Sending all our love from my little growing family to yours!”

As you may know, Amber isn't one to shy away from conflict, so naturally, she gave fans a piece of her mind in a lengthy, obscenity-laced tirade:

"Anybody saying this is weird needs to look at themselves," Portwood began.

"You are f**king disgusting if your head goes straight to filth. We are a happy and loving family. We don’t need ignorant people commenting on our pictures which is why I don’t post pictures! Leah thought this picture was cute and funny and I would hate for her to see these comments!!"

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon

Portwood was far from finished, though as connoisseurs of online tirades, we must note that she gets a bit repetitive from here on out:

"Anyone with rude and obscene comments can f--k off!! I share my life and family with you all however that doesn’t mean I need everyone’s ignorant opinions!" she wrote.

"It’s sad when my 9 year old thinks a picture is funny and cute and I can’t even post it without f**ked up comments from ignorant people. I have an amazing daughter and a loving and brilliant man. Andrew is a kind hearted loving man and takes good care of his new growing family! Send love not hate!!"

Normally we'd drop a sarcastic "tell us what ya really think!" here, but we don't want to risk pissing Amber off.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online for more from the show's most pissed off mama bear.

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