Amber Portwood: Mom-Shamed After "Ditching" Daughter!

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Like pretty much every other year of her adult life, 2017 was a tumultuous one for Amber Portwood.

In the past 12 months, Amber broke up with Matt Baier, finally calling it quits after their relationship publicly self-destructed for like the 400th time.

These days, Amber is pregnant with Andrew Glennon's baby, and the couple is reportedly considering marriage.

Portwood has so many storylines these days that Teen Mom: OG fans might forget that she already has a kid.

Some viewers even think Amber has forgotten that she's a mom.

Needless to say, Ms. Portwood isn't thrilled by these accusations...

1. Amber and Leah

Amber and Leah
Amber says the health and happiness of her daughter Leah are her top priorities in life. Some Teen Mom: OG fans say that claim is bogus.

2. Drama Mama

Drama Mama
Many viewers feel that Portwood is overly focused on her business ventures and her relationship drama. She's been accused of dumping off the majority of her parenting responsibilities on her ex, Gary Shirley.

3. Un-Baier-able

Earlier this year, Amber cut Matt Baier loose, and many applauded what was seen at the time as an attempt to simplify her life. But it wasn't long before Amber was involved in a new problematic relationship.

4. Amber & Andrew

Amber & Andrew
Portwood and Baier parted ways on the set of Marriage Boot Camp, and Amber immediately entered a relationship with Andrew Glennon, a producer on the show. These days, she's pregnant with Glennon's baby.

5. Amber on the Upswing

Amber on the Upswing
Things seem to have stabilized a bit for Amber in recent months, but a recent episode of Teen Mom: OG reminded fans that until very recently, her life was in a state of disarray.

6. A Daily Struggle

A Daily Struggle
The episode documented Amber's struggle with depression, and while many viewers were sympathetic, others felt that she was failing to fulfill her duties as a mother. Needless to say, some of the comments on social media were downright brutal...

7. A Startling Admission

A Startling Admission
“I haven’t seen Leah in I don’t know how f--king long because I’m so afraid of her to see me. I have to be in a good state in order to be around her," Amber said during this week's Teen Mom: OG.

8. Worse Than We Thought

Worse Than We Thought
Gary's wife, Kristina, summed up the situation thusly: “Summer break is almost over and she saw Amber a total of two times. I wish she were more involved. Leah needs her real mom."

9. Leah's "Real Mother"

Leah's "Real Mother"
“Leah is not ‘your world’ you have chosen anything and everything over her – just be happy she has Kristina – who is her real mother,” one irate fan wrote on Twitter.

10. Harsh Criticism

Harsh Criticism
“But we all still see our children everyday," another viewer wrote on Instagram. "That shouldn’t even be an option. You pull yourself together for your kids. Show them how to handle things properly when it happens to them.”

11. Clapping Back

Clapping Back
Amber concedes the situation was a grim one. But she also doesn't believe she deserves the criticism leveled at her by some TM:OG viewers.

12. Angry Amber

Angry Amber
In a lengthy diatribe, Amber let fans know exactly where she stands in terms of her daughter, her depression, and her efforts to be a better mom...

13. Love for Leah

Love for Leah
“I’m sick and tired of these comments about my daughter,” Portwood wrote on Instagram. “Leah is my world and SHE knows it! That’s what matters!

14. Post-Baier Depression

Post-Baier Depression
Amber said her breakup was the cause of her depression, writing, "People go through horrible times when they split and I’m no exception! I was depressed and horribly sad so I did the best thing and made sure my daughter was protected!”

15. No Mom-Shaming!

No Mom-Shaming!
“To shame a mother for keeping a child happy and safe from there [sic] own depression is disturbing!" Portwood concluded. "And to think I have to explain myself for a horrible point in life is even more degrading!”

16. Back In Harm's Way

Back In Harm's Way
Some applauded Amber's honesty and efforts to improve her situation. Others criticized her for putting her child in harm's way with yet another sketchy boyfriend.

17. A Worrisome Past

A Worrisome Past
At least two of Glennon's exes have accused him of stalking and harassing them to the point that they were forced to file restraining orders.

18. Leah Getting Short Shrift

Leah Getting Short Shrift
Some viewers feel that Leah's needs are once again being put on the back burner so that Leah can focus on her love life. This, of course, doesn't bode well for Amber's immediate future...

19. The Criticism Is Sure to Continue

The Criticism Is Sure to Continue
Amber's decision to focus on herself means that she'll likely continue to take flak from Teen Mom: OG fans. Even if she's doing everything she can to be the mom that Leah deserves, fans will continue to judge based on wher her priorities seem to lie. And Amber will no doubt continue to get upset over the misconception.

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