The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: DeVoe Makes His Move!

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As if Barry and Iris were going to return from their honeymoon and live happily ever after. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 got underway, the new husband and wife returned to Central City, and The Thinker wasted no time in stirring the pot. 

The villain whisked The Flash away, and quickly said he had a lesson for Mr. Allen and one that he would not forget: Not everyone gets happy endings. 

DeVoe then locked the superhero in a speedster prison, meaning he was trapped ... until, at least, someone managed to find a way to save him. 

Meanwhile, Amunet made her triumphant return and confronted Caitlin at the bar. She kidnapped Caitlin and kitted her out with a cuff that rendered her Killer Frost powers useless. 

Barry and Iris on The Flash

Amunet took Caitlin to an abandoned hospital and told her to perform surgery on Dominic because one of her shards were stuck in his skull. 

With two of their team missing, everyone at S.T.A.R. Labs worried what was going to happen. Iris struggled to take on a leadership role because her man and friend were in tough situations. 

Harry stepped in and noted that Iris ran the risk of losing both of them if she did not get it together. Iris thought Barry would be fine, so she sent Cisco and Ralph in pursuit of Caitlin.

Danielle Panabaker for The CW

Caitlin tried to make a swift getaway with Dominic, but Amunet caught them and forced Caitlin to carry out the surgery. One thing led to another and the man went into shock. 

As Caitlin quickly tried to save him, it became apparent that she had leaked gas into the building, and Amunet quickly dozed off. 

Cisco and Ralph were waiting in the street and took them through a breach. 

Then there was Barry who made it look like he was no longer in the prison by moving as quickly as possible. The villain then made his way inside the prison and Barry attacked him. 

Flash Season 2 Suit

Things took a turn when Barry's suit helped shield him from a fall into the river. 

Sometime later, Dominic joined the team at Harry's holiday-themed party, and Barry was called away to a security issue at the loft. 

Dominic called him and revealed that he was a vessel for The Thinker. Barry was in the loft and the villain's original corpse was there. 

The police appeared and Barry was arrested for murder. 

Yes, that really happened!

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