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We know that Amy and Matt Roloff are feeling the Christmas spirit already, but is TLC in the giving mood when it comes to their show?

Because we still haven’t heard any word about when the long-running, still-popular Little People, Big World is returning for another season.

A Roloff Feast

When it comes to a series renewal, no news is usually bad news. Not necessarily always, but more often than not.

So we had to go to Amy Roloff’s social media to find out what we could about Little People, Big World‘s fate in 2018.

The Roloff family has defied the odds, year after year.

Reality shows can be amazing, but those that strive to be educational by highlighting a misunderstood minority group often struggle with ratings.

Remember all of the "controversy" about All-American Muslim, that TLC series about five Muslim families living in Dearborn, Michigan?

Bigots were coming out of the woodwork to protest it because they felt threatened that other people have the audacity to exist, basically.

Amy and Family

But the families on the show were just normal people.

In fact, they were so normal and even boring that the show was canceled after one season because people weren’t watching.

Similarly, I Am Cait isn’t around anymore.

It was supposed to educate the public about trans women as Caitlyn Jenner explored living as her authentic self. Which it did, for sure.

Apparently, though, it turns out that filming a bunch of women on a bus who go take salsa lessons or whatever isn’t must-watch TV.

Why do we bring up these shows?

Because, to put it bluntly, Matt and Amy Roloff didn’t decide to make their family of six into reality stars just for kicks.

Amy Roloff Ring Pic

They wanted to educate viewers about little people and their lives, in a way that Little Women: L.A. certainly wasn’t going to do.

Despite the educational nature and general normality of the Roloffs, they’ve managed to keep Little People, Big World on the air for years.

Why? Because viewers love them.

Not just Matt and Amy, who are no longer together and have found new romances with new partners of their own.

But their four wonderful children, Jeremy and Zach and Molly and Jacob. And their respective partners.

And, most recently, fans have gotten to know and love the Roloff grandchildren born to Jeremy and Zach.

Last spring, Zach Roloff and Tori welcomed their first child: a precious baby boy named Jackson Roloff.

In early September, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcomed their baby girl, Ember Jean, into the world.

Viewers who don’t keep track of the Roloffs between seasons haven’t yet "met" Ember, but we know that they’ll get to love her … if they get the chance to see her.

Little People, Big World season schedules have been almost random — in 2016, the season began in the fall.

This year, it premiered in, what? May?

But it’s been clear for a while that we wouldn’t be getting new episodes during the autumn months.

XMas Tree Shopping

In two weeks, winter will officially begin. (There’s snow rapidly accumulating outside of my window as I write this)

But not only has a new season not begun, TLC hasn’t even announced a premiere date. This is worrying to countless fans of the series and the Roloff family.

Thankfully, when networks don’t announce things, sometimes the stars themselves step up.

Previously, Amy had predicted that the series would premiere in January of 2018, but looks like that is no longer happening.

Much more recently, on Facebook, Amy posted this:

"No word here that our show is ending."

Roloffs on Thanksgiving

"We don’t have a … confirmation on when the new episodes will air. We are hearing in March or earlier in the new year."

That is sounding like an agonizing wait.

But we need to look at this as good news and take the glass-half-full attitude here, because the long and short of it is:

Little People, Big World is getting a new season!

Truth be told, we figured that it was, as we’ve heard a lot about the Roloffs filming a new season, even featuring baby Jackson!

So not only is Little People, Big World coming back, it’s likely going to feature two new stars: Jackson and Ember Jean!

We’ve also heard that Jacob Roloff, the "black sheep" of the family who spent some time estranged from his parents, may be back.

He’s recently been repairing his relationship with the family and especially with his mother, Amy.

That said … while he may back in the fold, don’t hold your breath for Jacob to show up on camera again.

The show is still a sore spot for him.