Brad Pitt: Did He Get Plastic Surgery After His Divorce?!

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In the 15 months since his marriage to Angelina Jolie ended, a lot has changed for Brad Pitt.

Pitt got sober after decades of substance abuse; he re-foucused his energies on being the best father he could be; and he worked with Jolie to hammer out a mutually amicable co-parenting relationship.

Brad Pitt is So Cute

But according to the folks at Life & Style, not all of the changes in Pitt's life were quite so beneficial.

The tabloid claims that the emotional toll taken by the divorce left its marks on Pitt's famous face--and the 54-year-old responded by taking corrective action.

A plastic surgeon--who, of course, has not actually treated Brad--examined some "before and after" photos, and--surprise, surprise--his professional opinion is that Pitt has totes gone under the knife.

"His forehead looks smoother, so most likely he got Botox," says Dr. Steve Fallek, a Jersey-based surgeon.

"He also looks to have had some filler in the cheeks and around the mouth to improve those lines, a laser or peel to improve skin texture, and maybe some filler in the lower eye area."

Brad Pitt is Attractive

Not surprisingly, the folks at L&S were also able to dig up an anonymous source willing to "confirm" that Brad got his face overhauled.

"He went to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon this year and got fillers and Botox and some eye work," an "insider" tells the tabloid.

The source claims life after Angie was even more stressful than Pitt anticipated, and the actor didn't want the world to know he'd been struggling:

"Brad thinks the divorce has taken a toll on his looks," the insider says.

"He's at an age where he can't get away with not sleeping or eating the way he could when he was younger. He doesn't want to do anything drastic. Brad just wants to make sure he looks his absolute best for this next movie role."

Brad Pitt at Film Premiere

In case it isn't clear, we're not quite buying this report.

Giving Brad a facelift would be like power-washing the Mona Lisa.

Any surgeon who would agree to do it should immediately have his license revoked.

Besides, what would Pitt's motivation be?

He's still working as much as ever, and something tells us he's not having a hard time in the female department.

The man's not exactly your typical divorced, 54-year-old father of six.

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