The Flash Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Who Joined Team Flash?

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Barry Allen has been trying to get the team back to its former glory, and he may have accomplished that goal on The Flash Season 4 Episode 4

When the episode got underway, Cisco and Gypsy were enjoying a date, but things took an exciting turn when a man appeared and started attacking Cisco.

It was then revealed that he is Gypsy's father, Breacher. 

Harry was not impressed because he felt like they did not know much about this new person to decide for him, and he was right. He also gave Cisco a pep talk when he revealed he was terrified of Breacher. 

Breacher was not really impressed with Cisco and said he would hunt him like he did all of Gypsy's boyfriends. Yes, the dude takes his parental role a little too seriously. 

In the end, the two men went to war, but Cisco stood up for himself, and that earned him a little respect with the father. 

The Flash is in Trouble!

Meanwhile, Barry and Joe continued their search to find the metahumans from the bus. They went after someone named Ralph Dibny, a cop who was kicked off the force for some less than savory actions. 

When they caught up with him, he claimed he was not on the bus, and that they were mistaken. The power he was gifted with was elasticity. 

Caitlin wanted to find a way to fix the man, but she realized it was not going to be an easy task because something as simple as sneezing made his face stretch out. 

Danielle Panabaker for The CW

For Caitlin, it was a personal mission because she claimed that the man could change. She was living proof of that and said that everyone is too quick to judge. 

Barry wanted to label all the metas as villains, but Caitlin was against this thought process from the scarlet speedster. The reason Barry hated the cop was that when he was junior CSI, the man was found to be planting fake evidence. 

Barry and Iris found a bomb in the man's apartment and had to make a mad dash to safety. 

The duo questioned who hated him enough to try and blow him up. Barry chatted with the mayor and learned that Ralph was blackmailing him with photos because he had an affair. 

Carlos Valdes for The CW

When Barry confronted Ralph, the supposed criminal revealed that case he tampered with got the right outcome because the man was terrible. 

Things changed when the mayor sent his men to murder Barry and Joe, and they realized Ralph was the next in line to be killed. Cisco stays at the lab with Ralph, but Breacher showed up to try and kill him. 

The mayor then sent Joe on a helicopter ride above the town and attempted to kill him, but Barry saved him thanks to Ralph. That was enough for Barry to realize he could be good and offered him a place on the team. 

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