Sia Reveals Her Real Face (and Much More) in Rare, Epic Selfie

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Even though Sia's "Chandelier" and "Titanium" are perhaps her best known songs (even if she was technically just featured in the latter), she herself is most recognizable for her iconic appearance.

Well get ready to see a very different side of Sia. As in, her face, sans wig.

Oh, and her boob.

Sia in Her Standard Outfit

Because the talented singer suffered a pretty major nip slip, but apparently didn't mind the pic being shared.

For someone whom most people can't really picture that well, facially, in their minds, Sia is very recognizable.

There's her signature wig, which looks like a tamed version of Cruella de Vil's hair.

There's her big white dress, almost featureless.

And, a lot of the time, there's her big white bow, rising impractically above her head like a two-sided battleaxe of fashion. Or whatever.

When she performs, you see very little of Sia other than her mouth. It's only her very distinctive voice that assures you that it's her on stage.

Well ... in this new photo, like we said, she gives off a very different look.

Sia With Her Performers

Though she's still wearing white. And, in a manner of speaking, hiding her face.

In the photo below, Sia is wearing a white robe.

Her face has one of those green face masks that exist almost exclusively on the faces of moms in cartoons.

Sia's hair is up in a bun and, while one hand holds a white cloth, the other is raised and making a peace sign.

(We know that it's a very different symbol in a lot of countries, but we're pretty sure that she means this as a polite and carefree peace signs)

Her pink slippers complete the ensemble nicely. It's about as casual of a look as one can get and still be wearing clothes ...

Sia Nipslip

But Sia is a little nude, because she's experiencing a nip slip.

Actually, that's an understatement -- her entire breast is exposed.

Tonya Brewer, Sia's makeup artist, shared this photo on Instagram.

And, of course, added the banana emoji to obscure Sia's nipple.

Tonya, whom one assumes had permission from Sia before sharing this (because obviously you would, right?), explained the context of the photo.

And apparently Sia did not realize that the picture was quite as risque as it ended up being.

Tonya writes:

Sia Sings

"She just directed her first film. she had no idea her boob was out. thank you for letting me create magic with you @siamusic"

We're not sure how one goes about being half bare-chested, like an ancient Minoan or like a statue of Justice, without noticing.

Especially if someone is snapping your photo.

Sia must feel really, truly comfortable around Tonya Brewer and around everyone else (you can clearly see that there are multiple other people in the background).

Also, that place must be pretty warm. Maybe even too warm. Otherwise the boob that broke free would surely be more noticeable, right?

To be fair, though, it's likely that none of us have room to talk.

Most of us have accidentally mooned someone once or twice, not realizing that they were there.

And I, at least, have had multiple instances of only noticing that I have a cut on my leg because I felt the blood dripping onto my foot.

Compared to that, a bare breast could be very easy to miss. And also very, very funny.

Sia is a gift.

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