Kylie Jenner Flaunts HUGE Diamond Ring; Is She Engaged?!?

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Kylie Jenner has a bun in her oven.

But the 20-year old reality star won't talk about it.

Kylie Jenner Hearts You

Kylie Jenner also has a huge diamond ring on her finger now.

And it's all the Internet is talking about!

En route to sister Kim Kardashian’s baby shower over the weekend, Jenner shared a Snapchat video of herself behind the wheel.

Not exactly the safest idea of all-time, we’re more focused at the moment on the enormous rock that Jenner has placed right in the middle of the frame.

It seems pretty clear Jenner is trying to tell us something by flaunting this new sparkler, is it not?

Kylie Jenner Ring

Kylie, of course, is pregnant with Travis Scott's baby.

The couple has only been together since March and most followers think they won't last much longer.

Many have even speculated that the stars have already split because they haven't been spotted together in public in weeks and because Kylie refuses to confirm her pregnancy.

Might she be hesitant to do so because it's embarrassing to admit you're pregnant by an ex-boyfriend?

Or might she have been waiting to do so until this moment? Until Scott popped the big question?

(Third and most likely option: She's waiting to do so until the optimal time to leverage the pregnancy news for ratings, exposure and money.)

While Kylie is yet to tell the world she's expecting, she has been dropping hints here and there.

For example, various sources say she has a baby girl in her womb.

And she opened this month by sharing the following snapshot on Instagram:

Kylie Jenner Butterfly Photo

How very pink of her, right?

Over the past few days, Jenner has shared several images featuring rose-colored décor and a bright pink manicure.

The reality star has claimed the photos were for a Kylie Cosmetics holiday shoot, though, not for any kind of gender reveal.

She's also alleged that recent paparazzi pictures of an alleged baby bump were Photoshopped, going as far out of her way as possible to delay a pregnancy announcement.

It has to be coming soon, though.

It simply has to be.

Kylie is reportedly due in early spring, which means a baby bump really will be showing any day now.

She can't wear baggy sweaters forever, especially not when she lives in California, where the temperature almost never drops below 60.

She also can't keep trolling fans with tampons without eventually earning some backlash.

After all, aren't the Kardashians and Jenners so popular because they supposedly keep it so very real at all times?

As for Scott, he hasn't said a word in public about his girlfriend's pregnancy, either.

But if he has stepped up and proposed... good for him. It would be the right thing to do.

It doesn't mean we think these two will last, but it does mean they at least acknowledge what a big deal having a baby together would be.

Might as well give the whole marriage thing a shot, no?

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