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Jeremy Roloff appears to be picking up where his wife left off.

Just a few days ago, Audrey Roloff opened up to Instagram followers about how she’ll be taking a break from social media sharing because she wants to dedicate more time to God.

A Possibly Perfect Photo

We respect that decision, of course.

And we’re sure her husband does as well.

But Jeremy has gone ahead and posted three new pictures of Audrey and their daughter, Ember Jean, on his own Instagram account.

And he’s gone ahead and gotten all profound in the process as well.

"Light vs dark – this eternal battle within our heart," wrote Jeremy as a caption to the precious snapshot above.

He added:

"One lies about the key and the other something to be. Light, the weapon of peace. Peace involved in a fight.

"A fight for the grounds of our heart and the key – the key to eternity."

We may need a few minutes to digest this one…

Cuddling with Ember

As a caption to this second photo, Jeremy focused on something far more practical:

The state of little Ember.

A baby who had trouble sleeping early on, the youngest Little People, Big World star appears to be on an adorable roll of late.

But we’ll let her proud papa tell you more:

"Ember is two months and one week. She is busy cutting two bottom teeth right now, and can officially roll over as of yesterday.

"She enjoyed her new trick so much that she did it twelve times and went on after singing to us (crying) for hours because of exhaustion.

"It’s been a busy week for this little lady."

AWWWW! We love it!

Auds and Embs

Lastly, Jeremy completed his Ember and Audrey photo montage with this cute image.

He included a very simple caption along with it:

"Getting ready for this PNW winter."

That would be Pacific Northwest.

It does get chilly out there between autumn and spring, but there are worse ways to spend a couple months than staying inside and cuddling with your child.

Far, far, far worse ways.

Thankfully, though, Ember has reached a point where Audrey and Jeremy can at least get out for the occasional date night.

We know it’s bittersweet for them to leave their tiny loved one at home, but it’s also helpful in the long run for parents to recharge and relax for a bit on their own.

And then when they return… all the hugs and all the kisses!