Duggar Fans: Jana Needs to Get a Life!

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With the likely exception of her brother Josh, no one in the Duggar family inspires stronger feelings than chronically single eldest daughter, Jana.

Dubbed the "Cinderella Duggar" by fans, due to her tireless work around the house, Jana inspires tremendous loyalty among Counting On viewers.

Jana Duggar on TLC

But she also inspires a good deal of concern among viewers who fear she's being taken advantage of by her own family.

In fact, a certain subset of Duggar fans is constantly in search of signs that Jana is secretly miserable.

This often means making tremendous leaps in logic when assessing the life of a young woman who, for the most part, appears to be pretty content.

These days, Jana is reportedly courting Caleb Williams, and those who know her best say the 27-year-old enjoys working at her family's used car lot and helping to raise her younger siblings.

But don't tell that to the folks who seem to get a bizarre kick out of believing that Jana is miserable.

Jana Duggar: A Picture

The latest "evidence" that Jana secretly hates life comes in the Duggar family's official website.

The site contains a "scrapbook" page, on which the many Duggar siblings can fill out fields describing their future plans, favorite vacations, and of course, list their favorite biblical figures.

Many fans have taken notice of the fact that Jana's has been left completely blank.

“She was probably uncomfortable listing her lack of want for five million kids. Better nothing than worldly in that house," commented one fan.

"She may have plans, but is afraid to share," speculated another.

All sound theories.

Jana Duggar Selfie

Of course, it's equally possible that Jana would just like to keep one single aspect of her life private.

After all, she's not a Kardashian.

The woman didn't court fame; she simply had it thrust upon her by being born to parents with a serious love of the spotlight.

Now, she finds herself in the position where fans are constantly speculating about her love life, and freaking out because she forgot to list her favorite Bible quotes on some deep-cut page of her family's website.

Who knows? Maybe Jana is actually secretly miserable.

But if that's the case, she does a fine job of hiding it.

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