The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 Recap: The Damned

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The Walking Dead generally slows down the action for the second episode of the season, but The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 took a different approach.

When the episode got underway, Mara found herself in a tough situation when she realized the Saviors were being picked off one by one. 

Carol on The Walking Dead Season 8

“Lock the stairwell,” she yelled. “Every floor.” Aaron, Eric, and Tobin then made their way inside, and it was a brutal fight to the death. Both Eric and Tobin were harmed, but it was unclear whether both were going to survive the ordeal. 

Morgan struggled because his team died pretty much straight off the bat, and it left him to take out the bulk of the walkers and the Saviors. Then there was Tara who wanted to kill a Savior. 

The man claimed he was not one of the villains, and Jesus took pity on him because he wet himself. It later emerged that the man was playing them and Jesus still decided to let him live. 

Rick on The Walking Dead Season 8

Did he miss the memo that it's the end of the world and you should take out the villains before it's too late? 

Jesus continued to annoy everyone when he instructed them only to fire if someone fires at them. Dianne pointed out that it would mean one of their own would die. 

One Savior named Dillon told them he would surrender. Tara and Morgan were against letting them live, but Jesus continued his parade to say that they do not kill people. 

Things are going to get crazy when everyone returns to tell Rick what really happened, you guys!

Rick and Daryl went on a mission to find the Saviors' weapons, but they got split up along the way. Daryl found himself in the solitary confinement room he was in last season. 

Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead Season 8

Rick found himself killing a man and then realizing his kid was right behind the door. He was then greeted by Morales, who took him down and radioed in for backup. 

Morales was on the show back in Season 1 and worked with Glenn and Andrea, so what the heck made him switch sides and become one of the villains? 

We have no idea, but it will surely be addressed now that Rick has been kidnapped by him. 

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