The Voice Recap: Who Made It to the Knockouts?

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The Battle Rounds on The Voice have always served as a way to amp up the drama on the NBC juggernaut. We love drama, but not at the expense of dreams being dashed. 

The Voice Season 13 Coaches

Most of the singers who make it through the Blind Auditions section of the show are already seasoned singers, so it makes little sense to have them battle it out. 

It was night two of the grueling process, and there was not much in the way of shocks. Everyone who should have gotten through did, and that's about all we could ask for. 

Let's break down the three battles that took place on the show. 

Davon Fleming vs. Maharasyi - "I'm Your Baby Tonight"

Maharasyi sprung a leak on the first day of rehearsals and struggled to keep up with Davon who was killing it. Jennifer noted that Davon went with it and proved he had what it took to advance to the next stage.

It was pretty much the same thing during the performance. Davon was a clear frontrunner, but his voice was not as good as it was the first time we heard it. But that was still enough to win over Maharsayi who was sent packing. 

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on The Voice

Hannah Mrozak vs. Brandon Showell - "Cold Water"

There was something off about Hannah during her rehearsal. She did not seem as into the competition as she should have been. This was the performance that was going to make or break her. 

Brandon was decent in the performance, but it was clear he still had a lot of work to do if he wanted to advance to the next stage. Hannah's performance improved as it went on, while Brandon's stayed the same and it was not great. 

Hannah was saved, while Brandon was sent home. 

Jennifer Hudson on The Voice Season 13

Mitchell Lee vs. Dennis Drummond - "Mr. Jones"

This battle was always going to be a tough one. They both have very different voices, and that made their performance so delightful to watch. They don't go together, so they should never duet. 

Mitchell was saved by Blake, while Dennis was poached by Adam.

That's a wrap on Night Two! What did you think about the latest episode?

The Voice continues Monday on NBC!

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