The Voice Recap: Steals Galore!

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With the Blind Auditions out of the way, the hopefuls went to war with each other to secure their spot at the next stage of the competition, and it paved the way for some emotional scenes. 

Rascal Flatts advised Blake Shelton, Kelly Rowland joined Jennifer Hudson, Joe Jonas partnered with Adam Levine and Bill Ray Cyrus joined forces with Miley Cyrus. 

The Voice Season 13

Lucas Holliday vs. Megan McNeal - "My Prerogative” 

Jennifer stressed that it was vital for them to focus on their own performance as opposed to worrying that the other was getting all the attention. 

Despite positive comments for both contestants, Jennifer sent Megan home and kept Lucas around until the next stage of the competition. When the pair were put together, Lucas was the clear winner. 

Moriah Formica vs. Shilo Gold - American Woman

Miley implied that this was a terrible choice for her, but when you think about it, Moriah completely owned the stage during the battle. Shilo was decent, but no match for Moriah. 

Moriah went on to win the vote of Miley, sending Shilo packing. 

Keisha Renee on The Voice

Keisha Renee vs. Noah Mac - “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”

This one was more of a tough choice. Both singers put so much effort into ensuring they would secure a victory, and they even took a lot of feedback from the coaches into consideration. 

That's the best thing you ask for of a participant during one of these shows. Unfortunately for Noah, Blake thought Keisha pulled it off better. 

Chris Weaver defeated Kathrina Feigh  - “Dangerous Woman.”

In rehearsals, Chris got an early lead on Kathrina, and you could tell Kelly thought so. It was almost like everyone had agreed Chris was advancing and Kelly's fate was up in the air. 

When it came to the actual performance, Kathrina sounded like she was whimpering throughout, while Chris turned in a solid performance. Jennifer kept Chris around, but it was not the end of the road for Kathrina. 

Blake swooped in to give her a shot on his team. We're not quite sure it was a wise idea, but time will tell whether it will come back to bite him. 

Kathrina Feigh on The Voice

Brooke Simpson vs. Sophia Bollman - "You're a Big Girl Now"

Both Brooke and Sophia brought a lot to the table, so you can only imagine our surprise that one of them got through and the other was sent home. 

The performance was rock-solid, and the two squared off against each another with class. Miley kept Brooke around, but nobody thought it was a good idea to steal Sophia. 

What a shame. 

Adam Pearce vs. Whitney Fenimore- “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”

What do you get when you put two of the most promising singers together? One of the biggest disappointments of the season. Both of them appeared as early frontrunners, but putting them together was just wrong. 

There was nothing about their voices together that really worked. Adam scraped a win by the skin of his teeth, and Whitney was stolen by Miley. 

We are so glad she's getting a second chance. 

With the Battle Rounds in full swing, it should be fun to find out who goes next. 

The Voice continues Tuesday night on NBC!

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