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Arguably the cutest cast member on Little People, Big World just achieved a significant life milestone.

It’s something we’ve been waiting weeks to see… and the result is anything but a disappointment.

Audrey Roloff on a Walk

Indeed, earlier this week, Ember Jean Roloff posed for her first-ever pumpkin patch photo!!!!!!!

You may think our excitement is a put-on, but this is a pretty big deal for members of this beloved family.

They run a farm that draws thousands of people every weekend during the fall, especially in the lead-up to Halloween, and they take the business pretty seriously.

And pretty adorable, too, when it comes to their children.

Previously, we shared a precious picture of Jackson Roloff dressed as a pumpkin… and now we’re psyched that Audrey and Jeemy Roloff have posted the two pictures below on Instagram.

Just take a look here. Ember has followed in her cousin’s oh-so-very-cute foosteps!

Ember at a Pumpkin Patch

Wrote mother Audrey as a caption to this snapshot:

Because when you’re a Roloff your first pumpkin patch photo is kind of a big deal… one pumpkin is not like the rest;)

Who’s coming for the last weekend of pumpkin season this weekend?!

See. We told you it was a big deal.

Jeremy went ahead and shared a similar photo of his first child, including with it a message that reads:

Ember Jean enjoying the pumpkin patch on a perfect Oregon fall day! Today was one of those days you dream about all fall.

Ember is scanning the horizon like she’s done this before. Haha.

A Precious Pumpkin

What makes these pictures extra special is that it took a few weeks for Audrey and Jeremy to feel comfortable sharing images of their daughters.

The parents have admitted that adjusting to life as a first-time mother and father hasn’t been easy, with Audrey confessing to a form of post-partum depression and Jeremy saying Ember simply doesn’t sleep.

Yes, this is true for most newborns.

But it’s extra true for some.

And it can be extremely difficult on Mommy and Daddy at times.

However, Ember is now over a month old and appears to have maybe turned a corner.

(Audrey thankfully has. Consider the happy look on her face in the first picture posted above. So refreshing to see, isn’t it?)

In honor of her daughter’s four-week birthday, Audrey shared an update with followers on Instagram that we appreciated very much.

"[Ember] eats and wiggles by day, and eats and cuddles by night," the TLC star wrote, adding:

"She likes to pull out our hair, does not like footie pajamas (she kicks her feet right out of the legs), she loves the bath, and she prefers sleeping up right or on our chests."

Concluded a proud Audrey at the time:

‘She smiles a lot and we swear it’s intentional. Some “firsts” include: first time to the farm, first mule ride, and first public blow out."

And now first pumpkin patch photo!

We can’t wait to see more of Jeremy, Audrey and Ember’s adventures when Little People, Big World returns with new episodes later this year.

When will that be, TLC?!? Please let us know.