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A Wisconsin man and his girlfriend were recently busted by a police officer, going at it like a pair of sex kittens inside their car.

This isn’t totally unusual. Other people have been caught by cops having sex in a car. This case was a little different, though …

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The thing about Bailey Puttkemery and Emily Scott that has caused their story to go viral is their sheer level of commitment.

When approached by the aforementioned La Crosse police officer and told to get dressed and stop banging… they refused!

"No, bro, I’m trying to f-ck," Puttkemery told the officer, according to a police incident report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

This may be our favorite quote of the year.

The report goes on to say that the cop opened the rear passenger door and reiterated his demand that the couple cease fornicating.

Shortly thereafter (as in, not immediately, LOL), Puttkemery exited the car and made it clear that the officer was totally getting in the way of his game.

"You’re a man, you should understand," Puttkemery told the cop. "It’s Oktoberfest weekend." 

Okay, we take it back. This is now our favorite quote of the year.

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At another point, this legendary police report goes on to state, an unclothed Puttkemery actually told the officer:

"It’s just a dick. Nothing to be afraid of."

The suspect continued to argue as he put his clothes on, trying to make the point that everyone should just chill out here.

Hey, if he had already been caught in the act and was going to jail anyway … he might as well finish the job, right?

No, really. This was Bailey’s actual reasoning.

When the cop asked Scott why the pair hadn’t simply stopped having sex, she allegedly replied: "He wanted to finish."

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Puttkemery was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct, while Scott was busted for lewd and lascivious behavior.

And bail jumping, just for good measure.

However, prosecutors decided NOT to pursue the charges related to the incident, according to the local La Crosse Tribune.

So despite their graphic display and behavior toward law enforcement, Puttkemery and Scott will not see the inside of a jail cell.

And Puttkemery is therefore free to once again see the inside of Scott with his penis … if you know what we’re talking about!

We’re talking about sexual intercourse.