Bella Thorne: Is Her New Man Her Ex's Best Friend? Yikes.

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Does Bella Thorne have a new new man in her life?

No offense to Bella (and we mean that), but sometimes it can be really hard to keep track of her relationships. Especially when she doesn't publicly confirm anything. We find ourselves wondering if licking someone else's tongue indicates a relationship.

Well, now Bella is being associated with a new man and this might complicate her love life. Like, by a lot.

Bella Thorne, Topless and Smiling

Bella Thorne can come across as a little attention-hungry sometimes, but you have to realize that she's young (she only just turned 20 a mere 11 days ago!) and still early in her career and she has fans to accumulate and a brand to maintain.

The fact of the matter is that she's easy to like.

She's beautiful -- like, really remarkably beautiful. Also sexy, which is in its own category and less universally accessible than beauty.

Also, "Bella Thorne" is possibly the best name that we have ever heard, ever, in our lives.

She's also one of the few celebrities to actually say the word when coming out as bisexual. A lot of celebrities who are clearly bi or pan just say that they "love the person, not the gender," or "don't like labels," or are "flexible" or whatever.

(The same is true of a lot of bi characters on television shows)

This is immensely frustrating for bi and pan members of the LGBT community, who would love more representation in the media and in celebrity culture but don't find their labels being embraced.

(The "B" in LGBT doesn't stand for "burritos," folks)

And, oh by the way, Bella Thorne is a good actress.

Anyway, so long as you put Bella's "thirsty" behavior like hanging with Scott Disick in its proper context -- using his spotlight to garner a little more fame for herself -- you realize that there's a lot more depth to her than you might assume.

The reason that we're bringing her up at the moment, however, is because some fans believe that she's found a new man after they spotted this photo:

ModSun and Bella Thorne

That guy's name is Mod Sun, because sure, why not.

If you frequent forums or certain types of blogs, you might read this as a moderator named "Sun," but it's actually an acronym:

"Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None."


Anyway, Mod Sun is a rapper. And though the two of them just appear to be painting side-by-side, or something likeĀ  that, fans immediately wondered if Bella Thorne and Mod Sun were an item.

Bella Thorne's replies have appeared to indicate this in the affirmative.

For example, one fan tweeted:

"honestly so sweet seeing @MODSUN with someone who loves and supports his art so much and he does the same for her and just 10/10 good s--t."

Bella Thorne quoted the tweet, adding seven emojis that ... well, we're not Egyptologists by any means, but Bella seemed appreciative.

Some people, however, weren't so pleased about this apparent relationship.

And they had just one reason: Blackbear.

Bella Thorne and Blackbear PDA

Reportedly, Blackbear was Bella Thorne's previous new man. As we told you at the time.

Now, if every time that people licked each other meant that they were dating, the world would be a different place and body shots of tequila would be a lot less casual.

It's not just that Blackbear is another rapper -- he's good friends with Mod Sun.

Or, at least, he was. This new development between Mod Sun and Bella Thorne may have strained that.

On Wednesday, Blackbear tweeted some cryptic messages that, like all subtweets, could be about anything or anyone but ... it doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to connect them to his maybe ex dating his very good friend.

"Left with only pictures in my mind," he tweeted early Wednesday morning, followed by:

"I wish we could be strangers again."

That second one really sounds like it's romance-related.

Blackbear also allegedly tweeted: "U don't f--k ur best friend ex," but though screencaps exist of the tweet, fake tweets are easy to make and there's no sign of the tweet now.

Bella Thorne, in the mean time, shut down the idea that the situation was anything of the sort -- because she appears to say that she and Blackbear were never an item like that.

Responding to a fan telling another fan that Bella and Blackbear had broken up, Bella said this:

"We didn't break up cuz we were never like that. Just on some chill s--t."

Is it possible that Bella and Blackbear had different ideas of what their relationship was and was not? Signs point to yes.

And what do we make of Bella Thorne's other recent ... tongue buddy?

Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne, Tongue-Licking

If you'll recall from when we told you about Bella Thorne being in a love triangle or a threesome or maybe something else, Bella's been repeatedly looking very cozy with YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

We've heard a lot in recent months (and years) about racist or otherwise problematic YouTubers, but Tana Mongeau appears to be one of the good ones. She's even taken a stand and called out other YouTubers for, well, being awful.

And she and Bella have not been shy about sharing photos and videos of them ... licking each other.

How does Tana fit into all of this?

We have no idea.

But we hope that Bella and Tana are on the same page about whatever it is that they have going, because otherwise, Bella could be looking at two jealous exes and some sort of ... love square?

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