American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag

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The horror continued on American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 7 as Lena Dunham made her entrance as Valerie Solanas. 

When the episode got underway, it was 1968, and Valerie was not impressed with the fact she was being taken advantage of by the notorious Andy Warhol. 

She went at him with a gun, and she missed. 

"You had too much control over my life,” she yelled at him. “Down with the patriarchy! S–k my d–k, Warhol!”

When the action moved back to the present, Kai being shot paved the way for him to garner 20 more points in the poll, so the plan was a success. 

Who says taking a bullet is meant to be painful? He got the position at the city council, so everything was going his way. 

Adina Porter as a Clown

People wanted to join his party, and that could ultimately lead to the world domination he has been going on about for much of American Horror Story Season 7. 

Beverly was annoyed because of Kai's raise of profile. She wanted it all to be a bout the slicing and dicing, but Kat had changed his stance on all of it. 

Beverly ultimately ended up talking someone named Bebe Abbott, who noted that the women were letting Kai become too powerful and wanted to teach them the error of their ways. 

Sarah Paulson for FX

Bebe opened up about being Valerie's lover before her death, and that gave us her motive. She did not want history repeating itself, or it would present a lot more troubles for the women. 

Bebe successfully turned Ivy, Winter, and Beverly against the men in the cult. Their first order of business as the three most powerful women around was to kill Harrison after learning what really happened to Meadow. 

Beverly worked the media in the aftermath and even took some digs at Kai, but then we got the revelation that Bebe was working with Kai. 

Evan Peters on American Horror Story

What the hell is going on? We have no idea, but the drama sure is reaching dizzying heights. Bebe and Kai must have constructed the plan so everything could be pinned on them. 

Kai always has another plan, so they should have never discounted him. With only a handful of episodes left, how will the show end?

What did you think of the way the episode played out? Are you glad that the women turned on the villain?

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