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Will Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge be able to put their beef aside and play nice for the sake of their friends?

That was one of the big questions on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 10, and one that seemed like it was going to be dragged on for eternity. 

Real Housewives Cast
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With the ladies dodging each other practically all season long, it has become apparent that the producers must be struggling for footage to fill the episodes. 

When the episode got underway, Vicki was chatting with her daughter on the phone and boasting about the birthday party she was planning for herself. 

It’s a bit sad to be planning your own birthday party, but it’s not like Vicki has a lot of friends right now. In fact, she could probably count her loyal friends on the one hand. 

That’s what happens when you decide to cause trouble amongst your group. Her party idea sounded like something Vicki would come up with. 

Vicki Gunvalson Red Carpet Picture
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She wanted to wear red while everyone else wore black and white. She also wanted to sit down for a roast and let every single person in the room air their thoughts on her. 

People would legit pay to watch that play out because Vicki would probably eventually go ham and run out of the event with a bottle of wine, but did this seem like a good way to put her beef aside with the ladies?

Briana did not seem to think so, and Vicki questioned why. Apparently, Vicki was under the impression everyone would say nice things about her. 

As laughable as that is, props to Briana for thinking about her mother’s feelings. If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know that Vicki has been a nightmare. 

When she’s not bickering with her friends, she’s finding new people to quarrel with, but that’s just who she is. We’ve watched her do it multiple times over the years, so why would she change now?

Lydia McLaughlin RHOC 10 Year Celebration Pic
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Meanwhile, Lydia and Meghan went on a hiking trip and got candid about IVF treatment. Meghan revealed that it was a painful thing to go through. 

Lydia questioned whether it would be a good idea to freeze some of her husband’s sample in case she wanted more kids down the line. 

Here’s the big conundrum: Lydia’s husband is getting a vasectomy, so it would be difficult for them if they were to decide to have kids down the line. 

These ladies know they need to cover all bases before making a decision, so we’re thankful they know that. The talk then turned to Meghan’s feud with Kelly. 

Lydia revealed that she was Team Kelly in this battle because Meghan went out of her way quiz Kelly about having a boyfriend. So, Lydia’s take on it was that Meghan was the one in the wrong. 

“Meghan has no problem cutting down Kelly’s marriage and then she’s mad at Kelly for doing the same thing in return,” Lydia explains in her confessional. “I’m trying to just hold up a mirror to Meghan and say, ‘You know, I see Kelly’s side too.'”

Naturally, Meghan flipped the eff out and revealed that Kelly was the one who was trying to cause all of the beef between them. 

“With what? Are you f–king kidding right now? This is so upsetting, Lydia,” Meghan screams, holding back tears. “That you would even think that’s normal for a person to attack your marriage.”

“No, I feel like you attacked hers,” Lydia replied.

Realizing she had upset Meghan, Lydia apologized but claimed that she still understood why Kelly lashed out and that it was not her fault. 

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The awesome thing about Lydia is that she just says it how it is, and that shows how loyal she is. She knows she needs to be honest about things or she will end up in the center of the drama. 

Then, Tamra got a phone call from none other than Vicki! Yes, it was time to end the feud once and for all. Vicki did apologize for all the drama and asked if they could rebuild and move on. 

Tamra agreed, but stressed in a confessional that she did not know whether she was making the right decision. It’s perfectly understandable that she would be apprehensive. 

Tamra Judge in Culver City
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All of the drama with Vicki has been too much to handle for her, but it does seem like Vicki is ready to grow up. Tamra decided to call up Shannon to find out her take on it. 

She was not impressed. 

“F–k Vicki,” she said. 

Shannon had some drama of her own to deal with. It was her birthday, and she was reminiscing about how great things were a year ago. 

Now, her relationship with David was not in a good place and she questioned how long she could go on. David, however, felt like Shannon was the one to blame. 

Shannon Beador Smiles
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He admitted that he lets her get on with it when she’s stressed or anything because that’s just how he is. His other issue was that Shannon was still obsessing over Vicki. 

The rest of the episode was all about Vicki’s birthday and it ushered in the return of Gretchen and Lizzie. But the drama was surprisingly started by Ricky. 

He opened up about witnessing Eddie making out with a guy. Oh, the drama. 

Vicki Gunvalson Goes On The Offensive
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Vicki opted to keep out of it and that was the first big signal that she was ready to move on with her life as opposed to listening to rumors and adding stuff on to them. 

What do you think about Vicki’s new outlook? Are you on board?

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