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Remember when Megyn Kelly left Fox News and joined NBC and it was a really big deal and people thought it would significantly alter the television landscape?


Neither do we.

Megyn Kelly in Red
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Not really, at least, not after Kelly’s first few bumpy months at her new network, nearly all of which have been filled with negative headlines and low ratings.

It’s undeniable that Kelly has not had the impact many thought she would have when she switched employers to kick off 2017…

… and now things are about to get especially interesting for the broadcaster.

Following a handful of Sunday night specials, Kelly will debut in the morning this month, taking her place five days per week during one of The Today Show hours.

This will be her chance to truly justify her mega salary. 

Or to fall even flatter on her face.

Megyn Kelly on Today Set
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According to Radar Online insiders, NBC executives are "worried because they’ve invested a lot of resources into [Kelly] and they’re not sure if her original appeal when she was at Fox will translate."

It’s certainly true that morning television viewers can be a picky bunch.

They want someone comforting to start their day, someone they feel welcoming inviting into their homes while they prepare to start their day.

Can Kelly be that someone?

This same insider says Kelly isn’t so sure. She’s lost a great deal of confidence during her brief NBC tenure.

Megyyn is having “a lot of sleepless nights," Radar writes, as she’s frustrated that so few viewers have tuned in to watch her on Sunday evenings.

The entire situation is pretty darn awkward; for network that is paying millions per year to Kelly and for the anchor who thought she’d be making a much bigger splash by now.

“It’s just really stressful," this source tells Radar. "No one wants to look like a fool."

Megyn Kelly Interview Pic
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Is it possible Kelly barely even makes it through her contract?

Could she actually get canned?

Such a move would make other NBC employees happy, considering reports that they hate Kelly.

“People are outraged over her divalike ways,” a network source told Page Six this summer.

NBC is yet to announce a premiere date for Kelly on Today, but many within the television industry will be tuning in to see how she does.

Do you plan on giving her a whirl in the mornings?