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Lil Wayne was hospitalized in Chicago on Sunday night after suffering multiple seizures.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first such incident for the music icon.

Back in 2013, it was widely reported that Wayne was near death after suffering a round of grand mal seizures.

Donald and Wayne

He pulled through, but those closest to the rapper were reportedly concerned that his lifestyle would lead to further medical issues.

If you follow him on social media, you know that Wayne isn’t shy about his recreational drug use.

But there’s one substance in particular that’s prompted fears of a self-destructive downward spiral from which the 34-year-old rapper might never recover.

Wayne is a fan of sizzurp, or “lean” as it’s sometimes known, a potent concoction made with codeine-based cough syrup that’s popular on the southern hip hop scene.

He reportedly took some time off from the drug after his 2013 scare, but these days it seems Wayne is once again guzzling sizzurp with glee.

And many feel it’s a habit that’s endangering the rapper’s life.

TMZ is reporting that Wayne is making no effort to hide his sizzurp consumption, frequently appearing on stage with a “double cup” in hand in recent weeks.

(The mixture is often sipped from one styrofoam cup placed inside of another, in order to prevent it from bleeding through.)

It’s been widely rumored that Wayne overdosed on sizzurp Sunday night, but his team maintains the seizures are a result of epilepsy.

Unfortunately, other than their denials that drugs were involved, Wayne’s people have kept mum about his condition, leading some fans to conclude that the situation is more serious than they’re letting on.

Whatever the case, it may be quite some time before we learn the details of Wayne’s latest hospitalization.

TMZ reports that sizzurp consumption has been known to trigger seizures, particularly in those who suffer from epilepsy.

The site claims that photos dating back to February show Wayne has sipped lean at more concerts than not in 2017.

It’s unlikely that either the rapper or his team will ever cop to his codeine consumption triggering seizures, but continued sizzurp consumption is clearly not a good idea.

Our thoughts are with Lil Wayne and his family during this difficult time.

And our hopes are that the Young Money mogul will receive the treatment and care that he needs  – whatever that might consist of.