Jessa Duggar: Mom-Shamed Over Video of Eldest Son

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Just about everything the Duggars do is scrutinized and criticized these days, and most of it is understandable.

After all, this is the family that helped hide several incidents of child molestation from authorities, so that the perpetrator, Josh Duggar, wouldn't face punishment.

But there were victims and bystanders in the family as well, and unfortunately, they're often judged as harshly as the guilty parties.

Duggar-Seewald Family

The latest target of anti-Duggar sentiments is mother of two Jessa Duggar.

These days, it seems Jessa is shamed for literally everything she does that involves her two sons, Spurgeon and Henry.

Jessa has hit back against the mommy-shamers in the past, but the practice of putting her down for her every parenting decision has continued unabated.

Much of the criticism has to do with Jessa's raising of her eldest son, Spurgeon.

Many fans have taken it upon themselves to diagnose the child on the basis of the combined two minutes of footage they've seen over the past two years.

Jessa, Ben, Spurgeon and Baby Bump

These developmental psychology experts - who are willing to offer professional advice for free, bless their hearts - have decided that Spurgeon's verbal expression abilities are not what they should be.

And the problem, they believe, is that like the other Duggar children, Spurgeon is sheltered and doesn't spend enough time with children his own age.

On top of that, they say, he's being babied by Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, and his progress is being delayed due to lack of mental stimulation.

The latest criticism comes as a result of a short video that Jessa posted on Instagram.

In the clip below, Spurgeon - who will turn 2 in November - is seen playing with a box of tissues and drinking from a sippy cup.

And apparently, that's enough to drive some fans absolutely nuts.

"When r u gonna ween him off the bottle @jessaseewald!? U don't him to bad teeth from being on the bottle to long? Usually kids r Weened off at 1?" wrote one commenter.

"Is he still drinking from a bottle?!" remarked another.

Fortunately, there were just as many fans who encouraged Jessa to ignore the haters.

"Why does it matter? She’s his mother and she will mother him as she sees fit," one fan pointed out.

We know that mommy-shaming is the hot new trend these days, and folks have very conflicted views about the Duggars. but let's leave the children out of it, eh?

Wait until they're old enough to say problematic things before before you complain.

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