Big Brother Spoilers: Is Josh Martinez Ready To Evict Paul Abrahamian?

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Three people have been dominating the game inside the Big Brother house and all three have made it to the final five, but does that mean they are ready to turn on each other?

This week alone, Josh realized that Paul is flawlessly managing all the jury members on their way out the door in order to secure their votes if he makes it to final two. 

Josh Martinez on Big Brother

You may recall that Paul made it to the end last season with Nicole and that he lost out to her in a 5-4 vote. Any way you look at it, Paul should have won that season based on his moves at the end. 

He played a loyal game, but this season, he's only loyal to Christmas and Josh, and while that's okay, his fellow ally, Josh is on to him. 

Christmas has been trying to keep the peace in the alliance because she feels that if they turn on each other now, they will not get to the final three together. 

Abbott, Christmas

Here's the thing: Christmas is probably more scared that if they don't stay together, she will not make it much further into the competition. 

Through no fault of her own, she has been dragged further into the game and has grown stronger in the process. She has struck up some solid relationships along the way. 

With Josh in power, Christmas and Paul revealed that it was time to get rid of Alex. Josh has been cam talking over the last few days and confirmed that it may be time to get rid of Paul. 

His conversations with Alex is the thing that irks him the most. Paul is playing the victim card and acting like Christmas and Josh could have blindsided him. 

Alex Ow On Big Brother 19

Over the last few days, Josh has been an emotional wreck. It's clear he's not cut out for the game, and is struggling to make decisions. 

It shows that out of the house he's probably a loyal and nice guy. Alex has been using his emotions to her advantage and started wailing when he put her on the block with Kevin. 

She told him she may not be able to be his friend, and that she has went out of her way to save him on multiple occasions so he should be the one to save her this week. 

Josh Martinez

She made a big blunder by telling Paul that she can cry on cue and that she was playing Josh. Paul took great pleasure in running back to his minions and reporting that little nugget of truth. 

This only made Christmas more anti-Alex as she came to the conclusion that Alex is growing more dangerous by the day. It would be awesome if Josh clipped Paul at this big hurdle. 

But considering the veto competition has already taken place, we already know the results. 

Paul won the veto!

Paul Abrahamian

This certainly makes things interesting as we approach tomorrow's ceremony because Alex is under the impression she is being saved. 

That will not be the case and she will be sent to the jury house to apologize to Jason for putting way too much trust in Paul. 

The good thing about this move is that Alex will try to turn the jury against Paul, and she and Jason will have a convincing argument for them. 

Alex OW

We have two evictions coming up this week, with one airing on Wednesday and an additional one airing on Thursday night, so that should be fun. 

After the coming week, we will have our final three and then it will be down to the wire to see who the jury chooses to win it all. 

What do you think of the latest spoilers? Is it time for Josh to cut Paul off and play his own game?

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