Big Brother Recap: Does Josh Know Paul's Plan?!?

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For far too long, Paul Abrahamian has been manipulating everyone in the Big Brother house. Simply put, his game has been flawless, but is someone starting to wise up to it?

When the episode got underway, Jason and Alex were on the block and none the wiser about the plan to kick one of them out of the game. 

Josh Martinez

In their minds, Kevin is going up on the block as a replacement nominee, but you would think they would have figured the whole plan out by now. 

But, in this season in which everyone seems to be handing the game to Paul, they sat perched on the block thinking everything was going to be okay. 

Paul decided the best thing to do was to tell Jason and Alex to throw the veto to him so he can pull Alex off. The odd thing about all of this is that they thought it was a decent idea. 

All they want to do is mess with Kevin, and that's going to ultimately cost the pair the game. Jason commented on Josh being in an alliance with Christmas, and that made Josh suspicious. 

Abbott, Christmas

He wanted to know what was going on, and he wanted to know right away. He turned to Christmas to let her know that there was something off with the way Paul was acting. 

He revealed that he knew Paul was only playing for himself and covering his bases where it mattered, but Christmas was pro-Paul and did not want to hear about the unrest in the alliance. 

The houseguests were surprised that Bobby Moynihan was there to promote new CBS comedy Me, Myself and I and to host the veto competition. 

  • Round 1: Everyone but Jason gets a point. 
  • Round 2: Alex, Paul, and Raven get a point. 
  • Round 3: Raven gets a point. 
  • Round 4: Everyone but Raven gets a point. Round 5: Everyone but Kevin and Raven gets a point.
Paul Abrahamian

It came down to Alex and Paul. After some tiebreaker questions, Paul won the competition. 

Paul quickly revealed that he wanted to take Alex off the block and for Christmas to put Kevin up as the replacement. This would keep him in good graces with Alex and would keep up the charade that Jason is safe. 

Josh was against this idea because it made Paul look like a hero, while the others would look like the villains. 

Alex OW

In the end, Christmas put up Kevin as the replacement nominee after Paul removed Alex from the block. 

What do you think about Josh starting to figure out Paul's game?

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