Big Brother Recap: And the Winner is...

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Big Brother Season 19 has been the worst season in the show's history and for a good reason: Paul Abrahamian should not have returned. 

Big Brother Final Trio

He made it to final two last summer, so he had a huge advantage returning to the game and likely had a master plan in the making ever since he set foot back into the outside world again. 

Please give us an all-new batch of houseguests next summer so the show can recapture some of its former glory. 

When the episode got underway, Paul, Christmas, and Josh duked it out in Part One of the final Head of Household competition. It involved holding onto a unicorn that was passing gas and shooting glitter everywhere. 

Paul Abrahamian On Big Brother

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Paul won that part, with Christmas coming in a close second. Yes, even with her broken foot, Christmas was still a fierce competitor. 

Out of the final three, Christmas was the most likable because her arguments were more subdued in the house. She tried to keep the fighting to a minimum. 

Josh eked out a victory in Part Two, meaning poor Christmas was at the mercy of whoever won Part Three. It was the classic competition, with the scales. 

  • Question 1: Paul gets the point.
  • Question 2: Josh gets the point. 
  • Question 3: Both get the point. 
  • Question 4: Josh gets the point. 
  • Question 5: Neither gets the point. 
  • Question 6: Neither gets the point. 
  • Question 7: Josh gets the point! 
  • Winner of Round 3: Josh

Josh won the final HOH competition!

Josh Martinez on Big Brother

The jury roundtable was difficult to read because everyone was so against each other. The common consensus was that Christmas did nothing, Josh screamed at everyone, and Paul backstabbed everyone. 

Surprisingly, I found myself agreeing with Raven when she noted that Paul was the one playing the game and everything they were saying about him painted him as a winner. 

That said, for some reason, she still thought she was the puppet master, and everyone could not help but roll their eyes and laugh at her. 

When it came to the final eviction, Josh evicted Christmas. 

Abbott, Christmas

It was a dumb move because he knew that Paul played a great game and that the jury was probably going to side with Paul, but he wanted to risk his shot at the money for it. 

The jury questions mostly consisted of Raven smiling every time someone spoke to Paul in a positive manner or scowling when Josh's name was mentioned. 

Before the votes were revealed, Jessica told the jurors that everyone aside from Cody was Paul's puppets and he made that abundantly clear on the show. 

Julie then showed footage of them all throwing their respective games away for one man. It was an exciting way to school the bunch on how silly they had been. 

  • Christmas votes for Paul 
  • Kevin votes for Paul 
  • Alex votes for Josh 
  • Raven votes for Paul
  • Jason votes for Josh 
  • Matthew votes for Paul
  • Mark votes for Josh 
  • Elena votes for Josh 
  • Cody votes for Josh

In one of the most surprising moments in Big Brother history, Josh won the $500,000, and it was poetic justice that Cody got to be the final vote against Paul. 

Josh Martinez

Paul was visibly annoyed. This was the second time he made it all the way to final two and lost out to the other person standing there with him. 

It turns out; a bitter jury can change the game in a big way, you guys. 

But, the surprises did not end there. Cody, Kevin, and Jason were the top three for America's Favorite Player and Cody ultimately won the $25,000.

Paul was not even in the top three! At least he had Raven consoling him and rubbing his arm in a peculiar manner. I would love to know what Matt thought of that moment. 

Cody Nickson

What do you think of the results? Are you glad Josh managed to sway the jury at the last second?

Sound off below!

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