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This is not a good time to be Usher. Not just because Usher’s getting sued for allegedly giving out STIs like party favors.

But also because he’s now paying the price for trying to diss a woman he claims that he never slept with.

It turns out that when you piss people off, it motivates people to tattle on you.

Usher in a tux
Photo via Imeh Akpanudosen

The story of a man’s penis allegedly emitting some sort of green substance sounds like something from a comedy/horror film.

But in Usher’s case, it’s really not funny.

Usher is being sued for allegedly giving a sex partner herpes and for exposing two others to a risk of herpes (and causing emotional distress in that way).

And he apparently already paid out some herpes hush money to another alleged victim.

Despite that knowledge being out there and multiple people (including one man) coming forward with similar stories, Usher tried to laugh off the accusation from a woman named Quantasia Sharpton.

Quantasia, we should note, does not have herpes but says that Usher should have disclosed to her that he did have herpes before they had sex.

Usher suggested that she was making it up, because she isn’t his type.

Quantasia Sharpton
Photo via YouTube

There are a shockingly large number of people who think that larger women don’t get sex.

Or that they don’t get sex with attractive men.

The fact of that matter is that this is far from the truth.

Women come in all shapes and sizes and yes, all of those shapes and sizes can and do have sex.

Even with attractive men.

Even with attractive celebrity men.

But it sounds like Usher was counting on people’s assumptions about large women to back him up.

Usher Crotch Thrust
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It turns out that Usher’s gambit may have backfired pretty spectacularly.

TMZ reports that, first of all, Quantasia’s account of exactly how she met Usher and then slept with him totally checks out — just in terms of times, dates, and her being where she said that she was.

More than that, they report that a hotel staffer confirms that Usher came there.

The staffer wasn’t from a horror movie, so they can’t technically confirm that Usher and Quantasia had sex.

But the staffer did report that Usher arrived in the Days Inn hotel lobby and that Quantasia came out to greet him — and then led him back to her room.

Usher apparently told the staffer that he’d take a selfie with her on his way out … but after waiting more than an hour with no sign of him, she left.

So … we’d be interested to hear Usher’s account of what he did with Quantasia in her hotel room. Maybe they played Mario Kart?

Our favorite part of this story, however, is that the staffer was motivated to come forward with this experience after Usher dissed Quantasia by suggesting that he’d never sleep with her.

Usher in a Hat
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Hell hath no fury, you know?

In this case, the staffer was just indignant on Quantasia’s behalf.

And remember, TMZ says that Quantasia’s account seems to match up, in terms of locations and timelines.

This staffer’s story just adds to that.

Usher’s going to need a better contradiction to her story than claiming that he doesn’t sleep with thicc girls.

More to the point: if you have an STI, be honest about it. Plenty of people have them, but you need to be honest and up-front about it.