Sexiest Motorcyclist on Instagram Dies in Horrific Crash

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Olga Pronina, a female biker in Russia often referred to as the "Sexiest Motorcyclist" on the planet, was killed Monday night after losing control of her vehicle and slamming into highway side railing.

She was 40 years old.

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Pronina was racing through the city of Vladivostok in Russia at a high speed when her BMW motorcycle swerved off the road and caused its rider to be hurled from the bike.

She died before emergency medical personnel could even get to her, according to The New York Post.

The mother of one was known as “Monika” to her 176,000-plus followers on social media, most of whom were drawn to the biker due to her sexy snapshots.

Most of these snapshots featured Pronina in various states of undress, posing either alongside or directly on top of her motorcycle.

An admitted adrenaline junkie, Pronina shared a video on Instagram last month that depicted her straddling a bike sideways, while drinking from a straw and racing down the street.

“By the way, doing 250kmph and holding one hand is very uncomfortable," she told fans in the footage.

"I do not recommend But I got my adrenaline dose.”

Olga Pronina Picture

According to local reports, Olga had earned dozens of speeding tickets over the years.

A friend named Eduard Hasanov told Russian media outlets that Olga spent her life "breaching every rule of safety and riding at high-speed pretty often."

He labeled her death as "incredibly tragic.”

Another friend reportedly arrived at the area of the accident about 10 minutes it took place, telling a reporter in Russia:

“She was high-speeding and the rear wheel of the bike was lying 600 meters from the scene."

This friend assumed that Pronina was filming another stunt at the time of her death, saying:

"We tried to find her action camera, but could not find it."

Olga Pronina

Police do not believe foul play was to blame for Pronina's accident, although no official report has been filed just yet.

In response to this sad news, Olga's Instagram followers left messages of condolence.

“This is huge tragedy. Sleep calm, crazy girl,” wrote user GNK_77.1.

Added aaterihoff ”I wish you good roads in heaven” and then katilda__in__law, who was a bit more realistic in his/her assessment:

"She got her adrenaline dose all right, once and for all…”

May Olga Pronina rest in peace.

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