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Kylie Jenner may not understand the meaning of the word "nude."

Or "Super."

But she most definitely understands how to garner attention for herself, that’s for certain.

The Hollywood Gossip

The 20-year old has shared several of what may her most seductive images to date, courtesy of a publication that has made a name for itself by featuring various celebrities in the near buff:

V Magazine.

Snapped by photographer Nick Knight, Jenner says these photographs represent her "first super nude shoot, adding:

"I always post sexy pictures, but have never really gone nude."’

The former statement is very true.

The latter statement remains very true.

Because while there’s very little separating the Life of Kylie star from the open air in these pictures, the fact remains that she is not nude.

She’s wearing lingerie.

The Hollywood Gossip

Very sheer lingerie that is kind of see-through in certain parts, and leaves very little to the imagination in some of her hottest pics ever.

But lingerie nonetheless.

Look closely at a couple of these images and if you think Kylie is smoking hot to begin with, you will think this is the case even more now.

We’ll grant Jenner that much.

Kylie, of course, is merely the latest member of her family to pose in almost nothing for V. Remember these Kim Kardashian V photos?

Or the time that Kendall Jenner didn’t wear pants, while showing off a HUGE snake tattoo, also for V? It’s kind of the family publication.

Well, along with Paper.

The Hollywood Gossip

Not that we’re complaining about Kylie’s spread. Not one bit. It’s one of the best things that we’ve reported on all week. Or month.

She just, you know, isn’t naked. (Which is probably a good thing, seeing how she’s still only 20 years old and everything.)

The reality star is currently anchoring her very own E! series, as she continues to try and establish a name for herself outside of her siblings.

She’s done a pretty great job as that with her Instagram account (which often features numerous nearly-nude pics as well),

Most significantly, her cosmetics line could honestly eclipse Kim’s net worth and make the youngster a billionaire. With a B.

It pains us to write this, but Jenner’s business is worth a crazy amount of money. And it’s only growing. Which begs the question …

The Hollywood Gossip

Why not just sit back and rake it in via this sort of respectable avenue? Instead of shedding so many layers for a kind of trashy magazine?

Or, is this exactly the kind of reason people shell out for the cosmetics in the first place? Because of Jenner’s edgy, sexy image?

You’ll need to ask that question of Kylie.

But this is mostly just how she was raised. It’s what she knows. And it works, as she and her sisters prove on a near daily basis.

Check out some of Kylie’s raciest pictures of all-time, from her early years to the present, in the gallery below and then respond:

Where do her new V Magazine photos rank?