Chelsea Houska: Adam Lind is a Meth Addict!

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If you watched last night's Teen Mom 2 on MTV, then you witnessed what was unquestionably one of the saddest scenes in series history.

Which, considering the cast, is really saying something.

Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska on MTV

We've known for several months that Adam Lind tested positive for meth shortly before a planned visit with his youngest daughter.

But it was one thing to read about the news online and another to watch his former girlfriend Chelsea Houska's stunned reaction.

Like pretty much everyone else in Lind's life, the Teen Mom 2 cast member doesn't believe her ex's drug use is a one-time thing.

She fears that he's developed into a full-blown addict.

“You don’t just do meth and get off of it,” she told an MTV producer (they appear on camera during the show). “You get hooked."

Lind took the test as part of a court proceeding; Adam has long sought to have his child support payments to Chelsea reduced.

"The fact that he was doing it knowing he had to take a drug test every other week" really stood out to Chelsea, for good reason.

"It means he probably has a problem.”

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

Lamenting the hard road ahead for her daughter, Aubree, the daughter she welcomed with Lind on 16 & Pregnant, Houska remarked:

“I wish she didn’t have a drug addict father, obviously.”

At the time of his positive test, Lind was preparing for a visit with his daughter Paislee, from his relationship with Taylor Halbur.

Surprisingly, Halbur and Houska became close after the former broke up with Lind, due to their similar struggles with him.

Not surprisingly, Halbur is now fighting Lind for full custody with virtually no visitation rights following the meth revelation.

Her lawyers argue that Lind squandered those rights with his persistent hard drug use, and she's doing what she can to protect Paislee.

Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur

Only when he's able to prove he's sought treatment and gotten clean should he be permitted to visit his daughter again, Halbur says.

It remains unclear if Chelsea will take similar action, but based on last night's episode, it certainly seems that she's deeply concerned.

Fortunately, there's plenty of good news in Aubree's life these days, and a big part of that can be traced to Chelsea's healthy marriage.

Houska married Cole DeBoer back in October, and based on what we've seen, he's a solid guy and nothing short of the ideal stepfather.

Seriously, watch any episode and see this in action. Seeing him love Aubree as though she were his own daughter is simply magical.

In January, Houska and welcomed her second child, and Aubree (despite typical jealousy issues) is happy and thriving as a big sister.

Adam Lind Meth

Of course, while all of this may serve to soften the blow of having a negligent drug addict for a father, Aubree is still profoundly affected.

Her father's idiocy isn't something that can be ignored, especially when he blows off the father-daughter dance multiple years in a row.

On last night's Teen Mom 2, Houska remarked that Aubree rarely thinks about Adam - awful, but sadly better than thinking about him too much.

Given how he ditches her and is totally MIA?

Here's hoping that either Lind will find the help he needs ASAP ... or Houska will do what she has to in order to protect her daughter.

Sadly, we suspect it'll come down to the latter.

As always, you can follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online to be reminded of just how atrocious a person Adam really is.

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