Whitney Port Had Her Baby, You Guys!

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Hey, remember when we told you that Whitney Port was pregnant?

Well, pregnancy doesn't last forever -- even if it sometimes feels like it does -- and she gave birth!

She shared photos and talked all about her adorable little baby. And yes, the former The Hills star tells us his name right away instead of being weirdly coy about baby names.

Whitney Port on Instagram

Whitney Port posted to Instagram before she shared any photos:

"Sorry I've been MIA for like a week! I lost my phone. Just kidding!! I made a human!"

Okay, that is a really cute introduction.

"Sonny Sanford Rosenman was born on 7/27/17!!"

Some superstitions make seven lucky number, so three of them in a row is pretty great.

(Also, 27 is three cubed or nine times three, which makes it a very pleasing number even if we don't attribute any special properties to it)

"Everyone is so happy and healthy and we are home now. I'm going to try my very best to not be one of those moms whose feed is dominated by their baby but I can totally see how difficult it will be not to."

She's enamored with her baby and conscientious! How sweet of her.

(But seriously, share baby pics all that you like)

"I am beyond obsessed and in love and wish I could bottle this feeling for all of you out there."

That feeling is a huge rush of oxytocin, and it's pretty great.

(Technically, they do bottle it already, but not with especially reliable effects and we don't know if it's used recreationally -- maybe some day!)

"Check out the blog (link in bio) for more and welcome our little one to the world!!"

It wasn't until her blog post that she shared photos that we have for you -- doesn't she look amazing for just having given birth? Dang. 

Whitney Port and Newborn Baby!

Good for you, Whitney.

(Sure, she probably put on makeup or whatever, but let's give credit where credit is due, folks)

She also writes about how obsessed with him she is:

"I love him and feel protective over him, but more than anything, I’m just like obsessed. I can’t stop looking at him, or thinking about him when I am in another room."

That's healthy.

If more parents felt that way, maybe there'd be fewer babies who die in a hot car every year.

"It’s a bit like getting a toy you really really wanted as a child. There was all the anticipation and build up, and then you open it and you love it."

If your first thought was that even shiny, new toys can lose their luster, she already thought of that creation.

"Unlike the toy, however, I am obviously never going to get sick of Sonny, and he poops."

We bet that the defecation part is going to get old soon, though.

"All kidding aside, my heart just grew to accommodate all this extra love I now have to give. I don’t care if this is sappy or trite and I don’t want to say that I love him more than anything ever because I love Timmy and my family. It’s not about loving him more than something else I love. It’s just awesome."

That's precious. And we get it.

And don't worry, she has a picture of little baby Sonny.

Sonny Sanford Rosenman, Whitney Port's Baby

He looks like perhaps the most thoroughly swaddled baby that we've ever seen in our lives.

He's also really cute.

We look forward to more photos.

It's no surprise that she's sharing photos now that the baby's born.

Whitney Port's been perfectly comfortable giving people a look at her life.

For that matter, the photo announcing her pregnancy was one of the most revealing that we'd ever seen.

Whitney Port Pregnancy Announcement

Hey, if you're gorgeous, don't be afraid to show off.

(Don't be afraid to show off regardless, actually)

It's not often that we get blasts from the past with The Hills stars living their lives a decade later, but good for you, Whitney.

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