The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: Home Is Where The Truth Is

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Why did Karen make her way out of Potomac?

That was a huge question on The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 12, as the ladies questioned whether there was an ulterior motive for her exit. 

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When the episode got underway, the ladies wondered what Karen's motives were for the random move, but all she could muster in reply was:

"I just want to do me." Yes, just you keep telling yourself that. 

While the other ladies probed for answers, Karen asked her friends just to be happy for her and move on from asking at every opportunity.

She then dropped the bomb that she was planning a party in her new home but stressed she did not think she would be inviting her fellow cast members because, well, they're not entirely supportive of her. 

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Ashley then proved she was rather despicable by trying to be nice to get on the guest list. Her reason for asking about the move was that she knew the least about it. 

Um, alright then. 

Meanwhile, Juan was gearing up for a new job, and his wife did not seem to think he was up to the challenge. It was a coaching position on the women's side. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Potomac online, you will know that the pair has been on the rocks for quite some time and are probably going to be finished soon.

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Robyn already knew this, and that's why she made it her mission to let Juan know she received a lot of attention from the men of Bermuda.  

She then opened up about visiting the therapist and the news that she was to go on a date with another man. Juan's reaction was less than pleasant when he heard she was taking advice from her friends. 

Robyn then revealed that she does not want to be with anyone else and would be happy with Juan if he managed to give her some more time. 

They ultimately decided it would be a good idea to stay together for six months and if things had improved, they would stay together. If not, well, you get the picture. 

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Elsewhere, Monique and her husband officially became Potomac homeowners, and Ashley, Karen, and Charrisse stopped by to check on the home. 

Karen subsequently invited all of the women to her high-class party, proving she was talking crap earlier in the episode. The ladies wondered why Karen moved away, but her new home was huge. 

All seemed right at the end of the episode, with the only shocker being the state of Ashley and Michael's relationship. 

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